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Why It’s Important to Bathe Your Dog


Whether your dog likes to hop in the bathtub or you have to lock the bathroom door and promise them treats, bathing your dog can be a challenge. However, this is an important part of taking care of your dog. Aside from scrubbing off the dirt after a roller on the floor, there are several other reasons you might want to start running water. Run the water and read up on some of the benefits of bathing your dog.

Remove dirt and odor

First and foremost, it is important to give your dog a bath so that you can remove dirt and odors from him. Like any other living being, dogs accumulate dirt that should be removed from their bodies to keep them clean.

While you want to remove dirt and odors so your dog is more comfortable around, it can serve other functions as well. For example, cleaning your dog will ensure that once it gets dirty, it won’t find dirt in your house. While this is the most basic reason to bathe your dog, it is important.

It’s a time to take a close look at your dog

It can be difficult to find time to examine your dog closely as he jumps around the yard or crawls around you to get his pet bowl. However, bathing your dog gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with your pet.

During this time you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at their skin, paws, ears, eyes and other parts of the body that need attention. It’s a good time for you to examine your body for irritated skin, bumps, ticks, and many other potential problems. Best of all, you can do it under the guise of lathering your pet with lukewarm water so they don’t try to escape your grip, as they would most days.

This is important not only for examining your dog after a game day, but also for regularly checking for potentially serious problems with your pet.

Remove potential toxins from your body

Dog paws seem to catch anything they step into. While a bit of grass and mud isn’t the worst thing to chase around the house, there are some serious dangers that dogs can take on with their paws.

As you walk your dog around the neighborhood, they can accidentally ingest manure, pesticides, and even needles from plants in their paws. Not only could this all irritate your dog’s paws and skin, but they could also accidentally poison themselves if they choose to lick their paws.

Bathing your dog regularly can help you wash between its paws and reduce the chances of them getting injured this way. You just have to make sure that you wash them thoroughly.

Bathing will reduce spilling

Another reason it is important to bathe your dog is that it can help reduce dandruff. Some dogs shed a lot more than others, so it is a good idea to keep this at bay if you have one that is leaving tufts of hair all over the place.
Washing your dog and using shampoo will result in a shiny, healthy coat. From there, you can dry them off and brush them to remove even more of their loose fur. When they’re ready to leave the bathroom and jump on the couch, you no longer have to worry about leaving so much hair behind.

This can only help so much, of course, since some dogs shed a large amount of fur throughout the year. Even so, it should bring relief to you and your dog.

Get to know your puppy

Another great reason to bathe your dog is to get acquainted with them and bond a little. The baths are relaxing for many dogs. You enjoy the warm water and let your body rub and scrub. During this time, your efforts will make them feel relaxed and even more comfortable with you.
Of course, this depends a little on whether or not you consider bathing stressful. However, if you are going slowly or are lucky enough to have a dog ready to jump in the tub, doing this will help you establish a better connection with your dog.

There are many reasons to bathe your dog, and some are far more important than others. This is one way to keep your dog clean, maintain his health, and make him more bearable in a confined space. Either way, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian about how often your dog should be bathed or just get a good sniff test beforehand.

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