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Why are Shoes for Dogs so essential?

Why are shoes so important for dogs?

There are many skeptical buyers and often those who wonder why dog ​​shoes are so important and why they are worn for purposes other than style. Dog boots, also known as dog boots, are super cute, but as you read more about the benefits and features they offer you may be inclined to purchase a pair or to fully understand what they are used for. All dogs have different feet and they are all different in size and shape. The same goes for their feet and paws. So knowing what type of breed of dog you own can make shopping for shoes a lot easier.

First and foremost, it should be noted that there are not necessarily uniform shoes. Dogs have different paw sizes, ankles, and legs depending on the breed type, and the thickness of the skin on their paws therefore varies. A very good exercise to start analyzing their paw structures. It’s also important to write down your dog’s age before you go running to buy a pair. Older dogs are more prone to ankle and foot problems and walk less than younger dogs and puppies. Therefore, you should always choose wisely.

Shoes and even socks should always be kept separate from your wardrobe and not because they look great, they offer a variety of benefits. Winter dog boots, for example, are specifically designed to protect your paws from the freezing frostbite on roads and sidewalks that normally occur when walking on snow and ice. Freezer burn is not light, it can be painful and cause nerve damage to paws. The same goes for shoes designed for summer. Many dogs that walk on sandy beaches and on the streets tend to feel uncomfortable from the sun while walking on hot asphalt or hot, weather-like surfaces that do not deflect heat well, and can also cause nerve damage, especially with certain ones Breeds that have sensitive paws.

That is not all. Older dogs, particularly convalescent dogs and those who spend time in your home, have a tendency to slide on surfaces. Shoes, and especially dog ​​socks, are made with tiny rubberized micro-handles that improve traction to prevent slips and falls. There are also high-ankle support boots available for many dogs with ankle problems and issues.

What we’d like to suggest is to take the time to measure your paws, always buy a pair that offers a little extra wiggle room, and ones that have adjustable straps and take into account their paw and leg structures and age. When shopping and trying to find a reputable manufacturer or retailer willing to accept returns, as is the case in many cases because this is not always the right Cinderella shoe, there is the freedom to return when buying shoes or exchange, a must. Because of this, we stand by our free returns and exchanges and continue to offer returns if the shoe doesn’t fit. That’s always a big plus!

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  • June 24, 2020
  • Pet Life Admin


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