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Why are dog collars so important?

Why are dog collars so important?

Why are dog collars so important?

Aside from a basic understanding of the importance of owning a collar, many may not fully understand how important it is, and not just any one, but one that has a useful purpose. Dog collars are the most important safety device a pet owner can buy for both dogs and cats. Collars are widely used to keep newborn pets such as puppies and kittens from migrating, especially if they are unfamiliar with their new landscape and without them your pet can disappear into crowded or densely populated areas.

When it comes to newborn puppies, adopted, or purchased pets, many animals take a few months to a year to get used to their new surroundings. It is recommended that you take them with you on walks in and around your neighborhood as they are smart animals and many, over time, can keep track of their whereabouts at home as they familiarize themselves with your routine walking routes. This training period is important, so it’s important to make sure your pet is wearing a collar and leash while you explore. This does not mean that if your pet gets lost or is walking around without a collar so that it knows how to retrace its steps, it is safe to walk your dog without wearing one at some point.

The Humane Society has done a fine piece on why collars are so important, and they also suggest that one should always try to purchase an ID tag or GPS tracking collar at all times. Wearing such a device on your dog’s collars provided an extra dimension of added security, while GPS tracking devices are more expensive in the long run due to cell phone charges and monthly fees. It is always worth having such security. ID tags are the most cost-effective, however dogs can wander into the neighborhood and often rely on a good Samaritan to return your pet by calling the owner with the dog name on the tag.

Staying away from breakaway collars is often further recommended (but a matter of preference) as many can easily detach and let a pet unfamiliar with their landscape run away. In this case, in most cases it is almost a must to make sure that there is something on your collar that will provide the owner with a way to find their pet by tracking their whereabouts. As a loving dog owner, not knowing where your dog is can be a chore. This is why you always do your best to determine the whereabouts. It is also important to purchase the correct dog collars, which are the best way to secure, attach, or hold the ID tags.

If you are looking for extra security, consider buying ones with reflective properties to ensure good nighttime visibility so that your pet can be more easily distinguished as it wanders at night. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of ensuring the proper safety of your loved ones. This is an essential part of dog beds and other accessories. This should always be your first purchase decision.

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  • June 30, 2020
  • Pet Life Admin



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