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Which type of Dog Clothes are appropriate for Summer?

What kind of dog clothes are suitable for summer?

What kind of dog clothes are suitable for summer?

When looking through your dog’s wardrobe during the summer months, it’s important to always make sure he is wearing the best, lightest, gear available. Dogs are known to give off the heat in their bodies from their mouths. As opposed to the numerous benefits of wearing dog coats in winter for protecting your body from the freezing weather, these summer months have fashion statement pet clothes and other types of summer dog clothes that actually serve a useful purpose.

It can be brutally hot depending on where you live and for many dogs, especially short-haired or constantly groomed dogs, protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially on the legs and face area, is not very high. While there are non-toxic chemical-free and natural sunscreens that do the trick, they don’t work as effectively in hairy parts of the body and therefore require coverage.

Fortunately, today there are a variety of options that are widely available, such as t-shirts and polos, and preferably those made from more breathable cotton. With today’s innovation in performance based fabrics, there are now Fitness Dog T-shirts that are not just designed for dog yoga activities but are inherently flexible enough to feel like a secondary skin and are permeable, i.e. water or Sweat can be removed or drained from your body by absorbing material and is then dried. This new advancement is available in styles that include those that cover your entire body and can also be worn in the summer and winter months.

Whatever you choose, it doesn’t hurt to find something that will surely roll some eyes!

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  • June 12, 2020
  • Pet Life Admin


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