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Which Dog Food Has Never Been Recalled? A Comprehensive 2020 List


As a pet owner, you trust your dog’s feed manufacturer very much. That’s why you might want to know which dog foods have never been recalled. They buy dog ​​food thinking that it is perfect and that its ingredients are the result of extensive research and on the recommendation of the veterinarian. This is not always the case and there are many examples of dog food recall.

Famous Cases of Dog Food Recalls

It seems like there is a dog food recall every year that makes it into the news. In reality, there is more to it than you might think. Here are some popular recalls from the past few years.

  • Aunt Jeni’s Home Made – 2020 – Raw Turkey
  • Performance Dog – 2019 – Raw Food
  • Texas Tripe – 2019 – Commodities
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition – 2019 – Elevated Vitamin D Levels
  • Lystine – 2019 – possible salmonella infection

The FDA is handling some dog food recalls

Dog food recalls are common when there are suspicions of potential health hazards associated with certain ingredients. There are many instances where grain-free products are not actually grain-free. Some products have been recalled because of problems with taurine (a type of non-essential amino acid). Improper dog food can cause various health problems, such as: B. Canine Cardiomyopathy.

The FDA has its own veterinary medicine center to help update the latest issues in the dog food category. If you believe a certain type of dog food is causing your dog’s health problems, you can file a complaint directly with the FDA for investigation.

But even the FDA doesn’t know all about dog food safety. Because of this, an investigation may take months for the organization to contact experts from the animal health community. Working closely with the FDA can be one of the primary measures to limit the potential recalls of future dog foods that should meet the standard.

Dog food that has never been recalled

While it appears that almost all dog food brands have had a recall at some point, there are other manufacturers that haven’t faced such problems. Here is an alphabetical list of brands that have not gone through a recall as of this point.


Acana is already a well-respected dog food manufacturer with lots of local ingredients. It produces many natural dog foods with no known quality issues. You can buy various Acana foods online.


The small company is based in the United States and operates a manageable production line for dog food. It is known for its unmodified ingredients that are part of its foods, such as: B. lean chicken that undergoes specific testing prior to production.

Black wood

Blackwood may be one of the few brands that offer slow cooked dog foods. This ensures that all of the meat is cooked thoroughly and that your dog won’t have to suffer from problems like salmonella food poisoning. The brand’s food also lends itself to very specific pet-recommended diets.

Dog caviar

Canine Caviar is changing as a brand. If the company started out with very specialized diet-based products, they now have plenty of great ways to feed your dog every day. Their dry food is different in that it is based on a single source of protein that may be easier for some dogs to ingest.

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack foods are fortified with minerals and vitamins and are known for their natural ingredients. These ingredients helped the company steer clear of any possible recalls. Additionally, the brand now has a good selection of products that can feed your dog regardless of their breed.

Earthborn Holistic

Based on grain-free formulations, dog food is one of the most interesting options if you want your pet friend to live long. There are some renewable ingredients that are used by the company. For example, the company runs Earthborn’s packaging recycling program.


From is another highly trusted family business on our list. It offers a wide variety of natural ingredients and the fact that it tailors its food to very specific dog needs like those of mature dogs adds to its credibility.

Holistic selection

Gut health is an important topic of discussion at Holistic Select. The company believes that most of their foods should be made with prebiotics to aid digestion and make eating as easy on the stomach as possible. The company has now expanded its food range to include the cat world. It’s also one of the few companies that doesn’t use meat by-products.

  • Holistic recipe for adult health with anchovy, sardine and salmon meals

As a brand with no known recalls, Holistic Select enjoys a privileged position in the eyes of pet owners. You can try this anchovy, sardine and salmon meal for your dog for one of the most delicious meals you can order online.

It contains 25% protein and a selection of the main ingredients from anchovies, sardines, brown rice, oatmeal, salmon flour and canola oil. This combination adds high levels of protein to your dog’s diet as well as excellent healthy salmon fats. Antioxidants and probiotics are added to enrich the formula. It’s already working. It’s rated 4.5 out of 5 on

The fullness of life

You wouldn’t guess from the packaging, but Life’s Abundance dog food hasn’t been recalled. The company uses whole ingredients and offers products at a competitive price. You can also find various dog supplements at Life’s Abundance. For example, you can buy branded skin care products as well as mobility supplements that improve joint health.

The logic of nature

Nature’s Logic is one of the brands with a strong personal credo that doesn’t allow using untested, low quality ingredients. They even offer organic dog foods if you just want your dog to consume the best food.

Nature’s recipe

At Nature’s Recipe, the focus is on natural ingredients. The products have been made for over 35 years and manufactured to high standards. There are no meals byproducts in their dog food. You won’t find any artificial flavors in Nature’s Recipe either. Without preservatives, the food has little or no chance of upset your dog’s stomach. At the same time, your dog is protected from corn as the ingredient is not used in the brand’s treats. The brand also offers a growing number of canned dog food options.


Verus is one of the few brands that use free dried prebiotics. In practice, it is said to be just as useful as homemade dog food. The company’s foods are made from pure ingredients like 100% free range lamb and are among the best. They are manufactured in accordance with EU law in certified European facilities.


Ziganture is another manufacturer with no known recalls. There is a very strict formulation guideline that does not rely on soy, potatoes, wheat, corn or gluten. It uses pure meats and healthy fats from sources like sunflower oil. Most foods are made with fortified formulations that also contain vitamins and minerals.

Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak is one of the few no recall brands that use beef. Their secret is the quality of the beef that makes it to the ultimate dog food. In addition to high-quality air-dry lamb, Ziwi Peak only uses New Zealand grass beef. This makes it one of the dog food companies that eliminates preservatives and pathogenic bacteria through the air drying lamb.

Should you support these brands?

In some cases, product recalls are not a clear indication that a company’s current line of products is unsafe. However, there should be a distinction between companies that properly test their ingredients and those that allow certain undercooked foods to get on the production line.

Hence, you should purchase the foods listed above to help these companies find ethical and sustainable dog food. Sure, some of them might not be as cheap as the ones you see at your local grocery store. Which dog food that has not been recalled is really cheap? If your dog is thinking about your dog’s long-term health, this investment is probably the best investment you can get in your beloved pet.

Below is a list of the brands discussed in this article

  1. Acana
  2. Annamaet
  3. Black wood
  4. Dog caviar
  5. Eagle Pack
  6. Earthborn Holistic
  7. religious
  8. Holistic selection
  9. The fullness of life
  10. The logic of nature
  11. Nature’s recipe
  12. Verus
  13. Signature
  14. Ziwi Peak

Updated on August 5th, 2020

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