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Where Can I Buy Taste Of The Wild Dog Food? [Low Prices Guaranteed]


Good dog food is not always easy to find. It might take some research, but it’ll be worth it in the end. After searching online, you’ll find that Taste of the Wild has some impressive reviews. But where can I buy Taste of the Wild dog food? We know where to buy it, and most importantly, we know why you should buy it.

The company has grown significantly from its humble beginnings. It now produced dog foods in California, Missouri, Arkansas, and South Carolina. This also makes it possible to quickly ship the groceries to anywhere in the US and even beyond.

Quality assurance and rigorous testing make this food safe for your dog. Most of all, it tastes good and dogs love it. There is endless feedback online from dog owners rating the brand highly. Many even say that because of its high quality ingredients, the coat immediately looks better when you switch to this food.

Where to Buy Taste of the Wild Dog Food Quickly?

Did you know you can buy Taste of the Wild dog food online? Gone are the days of trucking to the supermarket to haul heavy loads of dog food. You can have it delivered to your door. After looking at some retailers and their customer satisfaction levels, we can recommend Amazon and Chewy as a one-stop button for shopping for game food.


Buy the Flavor of Wild Dog Food on Amazon

We believe most dog owners love to shop on Amazon. The big online retailer does a fantastic job of simplifying the shopping process as much as possible. As a result, all of Taste of the Wild’s dog food is easy to shop for on the platform. Here you will find the full range of products so that you can quickly access delicious flavors. Our top reasons why you should shop this brand on Amazon are as follows.

Fair prices

When shopping at Amazon, you get fair prices. As you may already know, third-party platforms like Amazon can get high commissions and raise dog food prices. But Amazon has the lowest prices you can count on. Since dog food is bought monthly, the savings add up and you can spend a lot less each year.

A simple plan for automatic delivery

At Amazon, complicated guidelines are made easy. A simple check mark can mean the difference between a one-time delivery and a monthly repeat delivery. With this convenient approach, you can get some of the most delicious dog foods at your door without having to go back and place an order.

However, this subscription is optional. You can also cancel it at any time. However, we believe that as a dog owner, you should spend more time with your dog and less time filling out shopping forms

Fair reviews

Most of the Amazon reviews are fair. One of the platform’s best jobs is filtering out bogus or biased reviews. This gives you an accurate perspective on what pet owners think of Taste of the Wild. Not only are the reviews accurate, there are hundreds of them too. Given Amazon’s popularity, the number of reviews here is almost the highest of any other online retailer. This is very helpful in creating a fair image of the company’s products.

Availability of the inventory

A significant problem small stores have is inventory. It never seems like you can find all of the flavors, of all sizes, in one place. But when you shop on Amazon, you can find this dog food in stock most of the time. You can easily switch your dog from one taste to another as you like.

Ran right to the taste of the wild

Another key benefit is that Taste of the Wild is an active part of Amazon even when products are sold in a third-party online store. You can see it in the feedback that there are customers. As you may already know, you can ask a question right on the product page. Within a day, Taste of the Wild will give you an answer, and that answer is there to help others, too. A fantastic process that will answer any questions and doubts you might have about any particular type of dog food.


We also like that Chewy is your one-stop taste of wild dog food shopping. You can buy the food here and the guidelines set by the company are among the best. They ship to most of the mainland US locations and there is a high chance you will receive your package within a few days.

Free 1-3 day delivery on orders over $ 49

Chewy has several shipping deals, but there is a standard deal with free delivery of 1-3 days. Because you order at least 1 sachet of 28 pounds of dog food, you get free shipping, which translates into significant savings. However, you are not eligible for free delivery with a single bag of 5 pounds of dog food. For this reason, we recommend buying either in bulk or in a larger dry food pouch, or multiple cans of wet food to benefit from the free shipping policy.

Autoship option

When shopping at Chewy, you also benefit from an auto-ship option. They know this brings the flavor of wild food to your doorstep every month. The guideline is useful if you are a busy pet owner who just doesn’t have the time to make those separate purchases every month. You can even arrange for the food to be delivered to your address each month with a different flavor so that your dog can get some variety in their daily diet.

Trustworthy reviews

We also like the transparent rating system on Chewy. You can also mark the food you get with a star system. Shopping filters are some of the best on the site. Because of this, you can only display the 4.5 and 5 star taste of wild dog food that has been rated by pet owners. If you don’t have time to research your own dog foods, this can be a useful way to get ahead.

Customer photos

An interesting section of the rating system is devoted to customer photos. Here you can see how the nibble looks at a real customer and how the dog food is handled and stored. Photos can be subjective, depending on what customers think is important to photograph. However, both Amazon and Chewy allow customers to upload photos with their written reviews.

Product comparison tables

Another great reason we love to search for Taste of the Wild dog food on Chewy is because of the comparison tables. Here is a summary of the main characteristics of the food compared to other dog foods. If you don’t know what flavor game dog food is supposed to be, this is where you have to stop.

Product comparison tables are not new. They are also used by Amazon. However, for someone choosing from hundreds of dog foods, this is a helpful visual representation. For example, you can simply follow the protein source row of the table to compare the type of meat that is dominant in a particular type of dog food. This means that you have every chance of making an informed decision.

As a dog owner, it can be easy to overlook the delicious options we often choose from. For example, Taste of the Wild offers game and bison protein that is rare or absent from other dog food brands. This would be easy to miss if the comparison tables between their products were not checked.

Finally, product comparison tables provide a better understanding of pricing. You can compare dog food prices side by side. This saves you time having to come back from each product to see if the price range is within your budget.

questions and answers

Chewy also displays a Q&A section on its website. It helps customers with their purchase decision. For example, you can tell if the food is baked or extruded as this information is usually not printed on dog food labels. This section also asks specific questions about potassium and magnesium levels. If you have a question just add it here and the company or Chewy will answer.

Buy the taste of wild dog food on chewy

Why is Taste of the Wild worth it?

These places are well worth checking out to buy the US made Taste of the Wild dog food. All the ingredients are high quality and since they are domestically made this is a guarantee of their quality.

Beef, game, lamb, bison, chicken, and turkey are just the high quality ingredients found in these foods. For most dog owners, this means having access to rare types of proteins that are so flavorful that almost all breeds love them. If you want to test the taste of the wild dog food on your pooch, you can safely order it from one of the retailers listed above. It will be difficult to switch to another brand afterwards.

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Updated September 16, 2020

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