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What Is The Best Dog Food [Dry And Wet Sortiments Ranked]


Only the healthiest food can be the best dog food. While there are many canned and dry dog ​​foods out there, the quality of their ingredients is what sets them apart. showed how some of the most trusted brands only use grass beef in their food. As the quality of the ingredients is constantly improving, it is worth researching what type of food is best for your dog.

What is the best dog food by today’s standards?

The best dog food is made from human-grade ingredients. Its nutritional value makes it safe for human consumption and this should speak for itself when it comes to the right quality.

Good dog food is made from real meat

Your dog is a carnivore and meat is the main nutritional necessity. Dogs need the best meat to lead healthy lives. In the best dog foods, you should look for the type of meat that is listed on the label. You should overlook products that are simply labeled as “meat” or “meat by-products” unless they have real meat options like lamb, chicken or beef first.

The best dog foods contain no fillers

Grain by-products are now viewed as fillers in dog foods. Not all of them are bad, but you end up paying for a food that isn’t that high in protein. Corn bran is one of those byproducts found in some low-quality dog ​​foods.

Artificial preservatives are not an option

As with human foods, artificial preservatives are added to some foods to extend their lifespan. The problem with these preservatives is that they can affect the dog’s health in the long run.

Vegetables are not overlooked

Most vegetables play a positive role in your dog’s digestive system. However, there are some types of products that the dog cannot digest, such as: B. Corn, which is not necessarily the best use of vegetables in tasty, healthy feed.

Diet adequacy

Most foods are formulated for a general category of food. However, nutrient adequacy changes in some foods that are just slightly better in certain phases of the dog’s life. Small snack foods are perfect for puppies. Foods with extra calcium and other minerals are essential for older dogs.

Some foods are even formulated specifically for the reproductive season, while others are made for each specific digestive problem. You shouldn’t settle for less when you know your dog has different nutritional needs than others.

Guaranteed Analysis (Your Macronutrient Policy)

Macronutrients such as protein and fat have a minimum content that must be stated on the product. For example, almost all canned dog food has a protein content between 6 and 9%. This shows you exactly what you are paying for as protein is the most expensive ingredient in these foods.

Most popular


Taste of the wild

The best dry dog ​​food

Dry food is very popular today. Dry dog ​​food is generally available in special formulations and convenient to store. It’s also very nutritious. According to the guidelines above, the following dry food is the best.

1. Taste of Wild High Prairie Grain Free Dog Food

The novel formula in Taste of the Wild makes it very tasty for most dogs. The new sources of protein (mainly bison and buffalo) are enjoyed by dogs of all ages. It’s no surprise that this food is one of the most popular among several retailers.

In addition to its novel protein sources, it also contains sweet potatoes and peas as protein sources. Dried chicory is added to this food as a prebiotic support. The food is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is one of the most interesting in terms of a balanced diet that can be sustained for months and years.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice

The high amount of protein in Blue Buffalos dog food is high on our list of recommended products. It contains at least 24% chicken protein, which makes it very useful for adult healthy and active dogs.

In addition to this high protein content, dog food also contains brown rice, oatmeal, and pea starch. We also like that it comes with a unique Blue Buffalo antioxidant blend. It maintains an active lifestyle in which your beloved dog needs to fully recover after running all day.

3. Merrick Grain Free Texas Beef & Sweet Potato

With at least 34% crude protein, Merrick’s dog food is also worth trying. 3 sources of protein are used in this food including beef, lamb and salmon. Most dogs love salmon, and its protein can be a good source of healthy fats as well.

Sweet potatoes and peas are added as sources of carbohydrates, which quickly turn into glycogen. Beef liver and flaxseed are also added to complete the formula. The food does not contain corn or soy, which makes it one of the options without large percentages of fillers.

4. Nature’s Recipe Grain-free recipe for salmon, sweet potato and pumpkin

Salmon is the main ingredient in Nature’s Recipe dog food. It occurs in a crude protein amount of at least 27%, which makes it both filling and health-promoting. Salmon is one of the rare types of proteins that are high in healthy fats that support joints, skin, and coat.

Sweet potato and pumpkin are added to the formula as quick-absorbing carbohydrates. Since the food is made without chicken or beef, it is recommended that you go through a slow transition process for your dog. You can completely switch to this salmon-based dog food within 5-7 days.

5. Victor Hi-Pro Plus formula

Beef, chicken, fish and pork are combined in this complex formula. The protein content is at least 30%. However, this combination of proteins contains complex amino acids that are very useful for active dogs as they support muscles and everyday activities.

With an energy base for high performance dogs, the formula is not the cheapest. These ingredients add to the final cost of the food, but for the right dog, you know it’s worth it.

6. Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb & Rice

Purinas SmartBlend is an excellent choice if you know your dog digests lamb easily. This source of meat is common on its own, but Purina also mixes it with a smaller amount of chicken to make it more flavorful.

A vitamin and mineral complex is also added to the formula. It’s what keeps your dog healthy in the long run as it’s not just about crude protein content.

The best wet dog food

Wet dog food is another great choice for your beloved pet. Juicy and full of meat and vegetables, canned foods are easy to store and also easy to serve. Here are some options that have proven popular due to the quality of their ingredients.

1. Favorite Blue Buffalo Family Recipes

Inspired by traditional family meals, Blue Buffalo moist dog food is one of the tastiest and healthiest options if your dog cannot tolerate dry food. The main flavors are inspired by the BBQ, Shepherd’s Pie, Turducken Turkey Dinner, Sunday Chicken Dinner and the Turkey Day Feast. Green beans, carrots and peas round off this interesting selection.

A can of Blue Buffalos wet godfood weighs 354 g. You can buy the delicious meal-inspired foods in packs of 12 to make them last a little longer. Because it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives, you can even consider the food a long-term feeding option for your lovable mutt.

2. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food variety packages

If you have a small dog weighing between 10 and 20 pounds, consider the Cesar Gourmet strain pack. It comes in 24 pieces with 6 flavors such as turkey, grilled chicken, duck and fried chicken. This pie style pie has a total weight of 5.29 pounds. The variety of foods makes this Value Pack an interesting choice for your little pooch.

last words

Now that you have the answer to “What’s the Best Dog Food?” Know. Question, you can just try them out to see if your dog loves them. As a new dog owner, you should understand that even if the food in front of your dog is the healthiest, it may not work well in terms of activity. Because of this, one dog may prefer a certain brand and others prefer foods from other manufacturers, depending on their natural ingredients and their mysterious ingredients.

It is also up to you to make the new food easier for your dog, as diet changes are not common in dogs. Most dogs know exactly what they like and what they don’t like. Because of this, the best food for dogs is one that is both healthy and palatable to your dog. You can order these online and skip the line in physical stores so your dog always has access to tasty food that never runs out.

Below is a list of the products tested in this article

  1. Taste of the grain-free dog food from Wild High Prairie
  2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice
  3. Merrick Grain Free Texas Beef & Sweet Potato
  4. Nature’s recipe Grain-free recipe for salmon, sweet potato and pumpkin
  5. Victor Hi-Pro Plus formula
  6. Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb & Rice
  7. Blue Buffalo Family Favorite Recipes
  8. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food variety packages

Updated on August 4th, 2020

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