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What do dogs love the water?

What do dogs love about water?

Why do dogs love water?

We have all taken our dogs for a walk on a body of water such as a lake, an ocean, and a swimming pool. All dogs feel compelled to jump into particularly calm water. Have you ever wondered why that is? We’re here to find out why dogs love water so much.

Depending on the breed, dogs generally have thicker coats that, while protecting their skin, can actually warm their bodies in climates with high temperatures or in areas with little shade. A cool body of water for dogs is similar to the need to gasp with your mouth open. Wheezing with the tongue out is a mechanism that gives off heat in exchange for cooler air and prevents dogs from suffering heat stroke. Wheezing is almost thought of as their automatic immune response and is necessary to defeat the heat.

Water that dogs swim in, much like drinking water that they use to directly moisturize their bodies, is something dogs need to jump into because water cools the body much faster than panting and dogs love the fun of playing in water. The rate of stress when swimming in water is actually lower than that of a panting dog because its body cools faster regardless of the movement made in the water.

While dogs simply love to swim in bodies of water like the ocean, it can be dangerous. We therefore recommend buying a safety vest that goes well with a nice pair of beach dog shoes (haha). Seriously though, always make sure that Fido is always protected from the harsh cold winter elements.

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  • 17th July 2020
  • Pet Life Admin


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