VP Harris To Investigate ‘Root Causes’ Of Border Crisis — Traveling To Visit Countries Of Guatemala And Mexico


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VP Kamala Harris announced that she will be traveling to Guatemala and Mexico to investigate the “root causes” of the border crisis, according to Fox News.

“The president asked the secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas addresses what is going on at the limit and he has worked very hard on it and is showing some progress because of his hard work, ”explained Harris.

“I was asked to lead the issue of treating the root causes in the Northern Triangle, much as the then vice-president did many years ago.”

“But I’ll tell you these are issues that won’t be addressed overnight.”

Harris stated, “We have plans to go to Guatemala as soon as possible.”

Kate Bedingfield stated, “This is diplomatic work that will ultimately address, in the long term, the migration problems that we are seeing. It is not a job to deal with the limit.

“What it does is high-level diplomatic work that is incredibly important to our economic stability in the hemisphere.”

Chad Wolf stated, “You cannot speak to Northern Triangle countries or Mexican officials without understanding the pressures and the situation and atmosphere at the border.”

“The two are so connected that you can’t do one without the other.”

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From Fox News:

The Biden government is struggling to cope with a historic surge in migrants to the border, which critics say is fueled by the government’s liberal immigration policies. The government refused to call it a crisis and instead called it a “challenge”. She blamed the previous government.

Pictures of migrant children packed in facilities in South Texas, as well as numbers showing a record number of migrant arrests this year, are putting pressure on the administration to act. So far it has set up a number of additional facilities and has agreed with countries south of the border to increase the presence of troops at their borders.

Harris was tapped as Biden’s choice to deal with what the White House calls the “root causes” of the crisis. Biden said Harris “agreed to lead our diplomatic efforts and work with these nations to host returnees and improve migration enforcement across their borders – at their borders. “

She has been criticized for not visiting the border – something that this final trip doesn’t seem to solve. At a GOP press conference on Wednesday, Republicans showed a milk carton with Harris’ picture on it with the slogan “Missing at the Border”.

The White House countered this criticism by saying that it will be involved in “high-level diplomatic” work and not at the border itself.



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