Turban-Clad Sikh Father Struck in the Head with Hammer in Racist Attack at Brooklyn Hotel


The police are trying to identify this man who attacked a Sikh with a hammer. Credit: Crime Stopper

A black man violently attacked a Sikh man with a hammer in a Brooklyn hotel on Monday.

The attack took place on Monday morning at the Quality Inn on Osborn Street, where the victim works as an operations manager.

Sumit Ahluwalia, the turbaned Sikh father of two, said the black man who attacked him spat in his face and commented on his race

“He pulled the hammer out of his bucket and hit my head so hard,” 32-year-old Sumit Ahulawalia told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon.

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“I came back and said, ‘Hey brother, what happened? ‘ [He said,] “You are not my brother. You are not the same skin. I don’t like you, ”said Ahulawalia.

CBSN New York reported:

The New York City Indian community gathers after a surveillance video shows an Indian in Brooklyn being attacked with a hammer.

The community believes the attack was motivated by hate and says the victim was targeted because of his religious clothing, particularly his turban.

The suspect then appears to hit Ahluwalia in the head with a hammer before running away.

He says the man walked into the lobby and yelled at him and the front desk staff before spat three times in his face.

“Do you think you’ve been targeted?” Asked Dhillon.

“I think so because I was the only turban guy that was there,” said Ahulawalia.

The attack completely shook the Sikh father of two children who immigrated from India three years ago.

“Now I’m kind of scared … Now when I go to work, when I go, I’m scared as if someone might come,” he said. “Everyone comes to this country with new hope, but now something else is on their mind, for example why, I didn’t say anything, why did this happen to me?”

Ahluwalia suffered minor injuries and believes his turban prevented a more serious injury.

The police are asking the public to identify Ahluwalia’s attackers.

Anyone with information about this hate crime is encouraged to call the NYPD Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-8477 or for Spanish, 1-888-577-4782.



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