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Tremendous Spike in Pet Adoption Rates amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Huge surge in pet adoption rates amid coronavirus pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic first migrated to the United States, animal ownership rates have increased, especially when it was first reported that, according to some external studies, transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus can only be transmitted from person to person. One such phenomenon occurred when many employees and children were forced to stay home to contain the spread of the coronavirus through measures such as social distancing.

While many lawmakers, politicians, and government officials struggle to pinpoint the source and find a cure for this viral outbreak, many hard-working Americans are confined to their homes in need of companionship for those who are mentally health-driven or depressed or gloomy in need are from someone who cheers them up. In these turbulent times, it becomes more and more important as many need a furry little friend who will cheer lovingly and constantly and make families with children fun. What first became a need became a boom like we’ve never seen before.

According to an article quoted by USA Today based on statistics put at the center of attention by the Humane Society, it is reported that the rate of pet adoption in certain cities across the United States has increased by a whopping 90%. Additionally, according to ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), there has been a record number of adoption applications, up almost 200% from the previous month as a whole, as there are even external statistics and metrics and additional sources say the adoptions were compared to this time has risen to well over 600% last year.

While adoption rates have risen and numerous adoption clinics and shelters have provided short-term relief, many are facing tremendous difficulties as there are numerous smaller charitable accommodations that are being forced to take their employees off or temporarily take on the difficulties of paying while there are concerns in terms of limited funding for small and medium-sized enterprises, which could result in their facilities being closed, either because of the financial difficulties caused by the pandemic or because they cannot provide their workers with the basic needs they urgently need.

To combat this problem, many Americans across the country have taken the lead by providing adoption clinics and accommodations that offer both monetary and care assistance ranging from groceries to treats to masks and gloves, So that their employees can continue their work and keep their jobs The doors open while federal aid in the form of economic stimulus money is awaited, which was used up on Thursday April 16, 2020.

Many may agree that the way we step up to the board today to help these shelters in need is likely to determine the ultimate fate of hundreds of these shelters that, due to the current lack of funds during the U.S. Congress may or may not close its doors and the Senate will agree on a new financial aid stimulus package to replenish amounts already paid out to small businesses and nonprofits, which include adoption shelters. While there is a strong glimmer of hope that Americans will continue to rise to the top, they rely on the promise of federal aid while Americans do their best to help, as it is always good news that adoption rates continue to rise .

While pet adoption rates continue to rise dramatically, the American heroes who stepped on the plate to adopt or buy a dog or cat are now facing additional financial burdens in the form of adoption and purchase fees, as well as maintenance costs for their pet faced including buying groceries, treats, and additional necessities and resources during the coronavirus outbreak. We are a strong advocate of the pet owners suffering during these painful times, and we advise individuals to reach out to local, state, and federal lawmakers for immediate help from Coronavirus or COVID-19 for the associated adoption or purchase costs of these pet owners to discuss should be rewarded for adopting animals during this outbreak and not have to worry about feeding their newly adopted pets, which are more necessary than ever, especially for those struggling to pay their own bills, but we should recognize , applaud, appease and applaud their contributions.

While there is strong pressure on an upcoming federal bill aimed at helping these small businesses and we hope money will come in soon, time may not be on our side. Therefore, we ask anyone reading this article to continue to support their local shelters immediately with adoption or financial assistance.

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