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Today we visit Tina Bemis in Spencer, Massachusetts.

This is the front of my house: the yellow-orange-red garden. It’s been around for seven years, but I doubled it last year. I took this picture last summer. I jumped for a palm tree (far right in the photo) here in New England, just like that. I put the pink flamingos in there as a joke. While I like a little gardening mood, these aren’t my normal style. I wanted to remove them after taking a few pictures, but my friends begged me to keep them up: they made them smile in an otherwise terrible year.

A red wheelbarrow sitting in a garden bed full of flowersThat winter, my brother gave me my late mother’s red wheelbarrow that I had given her 30 years ago. He had repaired and painted it, but it was just in the basement. I told him I had the perfect place to display it. Here it is this spring between orange tulips and yellow daffodils.

Garden bed with lots of red and yellowThis photo is from the front yard later in the spring. The perennials fill up well. The daffodils and tulips are over, but I’ve planted orange and salmon impatiens around the bulbs so their foliage can wither unnoticed.

Large purple flowers grow out of a garden bedI planted about 500 bulbs last fall: allium (ornamental onions, zones 5–9) and grape hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum, zones 3–9) in the blue and yellow garden on the side of my house and daffodils and tulips in orange, red and yellow Garden in front of my house. Here are the alliums that show up.

purple flower clusters growing from a mass of bright yellow foliageGrape hyacinths glow against a background of yellow Sedum ‘Angelina’ (Zones 5-8).

many plants grow on and under a raised deckThat’s the back of my house last year. Herbs and vegetables are on the deck, with more vegetables in the red hardscape vegetable garden.

Container with yellow and black flowersLast but not least, here are some of my container creations. The first shows ‘Midnight Gold’ petunias (Petunia ‘Midnight Gold’, annually).

Container with red and orange flowersThis container creation is my cauldron over the fire.

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