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The Most Expressive Dog In The World


A corgi from Japan made a unique and delightful mark on the world. His name is Gen and he was clearly the most expressive dog in the world. If you scroll through his adorable Instagram page, you’ll instantly find hundreds of goofy faces that will melt your heart.

Unfortunately, Gen suffered from a long list of health concerns and recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But his legacy will live on thanks to his enthusiastic expression and lovable personality. Whether it’s walking around begging for food, or just staring at random objects, Gen made every event exciting. See for yourself!

Image: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

Gene’s life

When Gen’s family fell in love with his goofy, sincere expressions on his face, they turned him into an Instagram page to share his cute face with the world. Gen loved being with people as much as possible. Whether it was napping next to loved ones or meeting new friends, Gen was always excited. His mother described him as active, playful, and smart, like most corgis. But even the best life can face many challenges.

Gen Corgi excitedImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

“Gen was born with hereditary chronic kidney failure. It cannot be cured, ”said Gen’s human. “This disease causes Gen to have polyuria (urinating more than usual), polydipsia (constantly thirsty), anemia, malaise and high blood pressure. To make matters worse, Gen was born with other seizures with prostatic hyperplasia as well. “

Corgi sticks out its tongueImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

While these expensive needs would put off most dog parents, Gen’s people went out of their way to keep their beloved pup healthy. He has been a frequent hospital patient all his life. He also needed a special premium diet that his parents bought for him without hesitation.

Corgi admires hot dogImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

“A dog is a family. Even if a puppy comes to you with many incurable diseases [they’ve had] from birth there is no reason to let go [them]. Yes, Gen will live a much shorter life than the average dog, and yes, it costs a lot of money to treat it, but we will keep giving it [the best treatment we can] and tremendous amounts of love, ”said Gen’s human.

Goofy CorgiImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

Rest in peace, gen.

Gen was only 5 years old, but he lived the best life possible. He died on Valentine’s Day in 2021. Although his family knew his life would be shorter than normal, his death was still heartbreaking. But they refuse to remember the sad parts of his life. For them, Gen was always fearless and free.

Shocked corgiImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

“He was always ready for an adventure and could make us smile on the worst of days. His pure heart touched so many from near and far. We would like to thank each of you for your love and support over the years. We’re still so broken, but it’s really comforting to know he’s so loved. Please do not remember him with sadness, but with joy, ”his family wrote on Instagram.

Corgi romps aboutImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

Gen’s family never gave up on him, and that is the most important thing. Dogs are family members, so no matter how difficult it may be, they deserve the ultimate in love and care.

Corgi runs with shirtImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

The Instagram page of this cute corgi has now reached over 200,000 followers. Even though he’s no longer there to post adorable content, his previous posts are still there to please everyone. So let’s focus on Gen’s happy life and admire his memorable photos in his honor. After all, no dog can compete with its unique expressions.

Corgi photoshootImage: @ genthecorgi / Instagram

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Featured image: @ genthecorgi / Instagram


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