Spiraling: Biden White House Is ‘Plummeting Like A Rock In Water’ Due To The Brutal Mishandling Of Border Crisis, Texas Gov. Abbott Claims


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Texas governor Greg Abbott claimed the Biden administration’s polls were falling due to the border crisis, according to Fox News.

Abbott said, “It’s obviously bad for yourself, bringing kids in and exposing those kids to Covid and spreading Covid.”

“But you have to add it to what they do to other Texans, for example in these migrant children’s centers.”

“There are people who live and work in Texas and they are exposed to these children who have Covid.”

“The adults working at these centers could be exposed to Covid themselves, maybe get it and bring it into our communities, and spread Covid in our communities.”

“When you get back to the presidential campaign, open borders are Democratic Party’s policy.”

“They really deliver on the campaign promises they made.”

“However, we see that the survey data for the Biden government is sinking like a stone in the water because they have mistreated the border situation and cannot handle it.”

“This will only make it more difficult for the Biden administration.”

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“It will affect its efforts to achieve other goals, and I think it will continue to turn the United States against the Biden administration for wrongly doing this, creating unsafe conditions for Texans, families, farmers and ranchers leads the state of Texas, which is being overrun not only by these migrants but also by cartels and smugglers walking through their homes, walking into their communities, walking through their ranches and creating very unsafe conditions. “

From Fox News:

Texas governor Greg Abbott told Fox & Friends Friday that the Biden administration is meeting the Democratic Party’s platform for “open borders” and the surge in migration will hurt the president’s polls.



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