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Should Every Pet Owner Consider Pet Insurance? (2020)


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Most pet owners cannot understand some of the intricacies of owning an animal. While most of them make meals on time and offer undivided care and attention, there is a lot more to actually looking after your pet. One of the most important ways to evaluate your pet’s life and quality is with pet insurance.

The problem with pet insurance is that the owners are usually not aware of it. As with pet parent health insurance, a significant portion of the population does not consider pet insurance necessary. But here’s the thing – look at the following cases and ask yourself – pet insurance, yes or no?

Interference or lack of it

Imagine a scenario where your pet gets sick and you are low on money. Given the high costs of health care, are you asking people for financial aid? Are you starting to sell your belongings at home to get this financial resource? Or worse – are you starting to dig into your own savings accounts?

Sure, while you may not suffer from desperate poverty, you always need to know how to manage your money smartly. Using your funds and resources in a scenario that could easily have been avoided with just a few smart investments seems rather silly.

This is especially relevant if your pet already has conditions. Whether congenital anomalies or hereditary problems, the most efficient way to manage these medical expenses is with pet insurance. Pre-existing conditions can easily cause medical bills and heavy checks to pile up, and you’d best believe that you wouldn’t want this to be handled through personal means.

Ask yourself. Do you think it is worth diving into personal funds to prevent something that can be prevented by splitting the money into pet insurance? Is pet insurance a yes or a no?

Peace of mind, sense of responsibility

Let’s move on to abstracts and semantics rather than pragmatics. There’s no denying that there is a great sense of calm associated with the idea of ​​having your pet insured. After all, you know in the back of your mind that in the event of a disaster, you will have the means to cover it. This peace of mind may not be quantifiable.

More importantly, you get a sense of responsibility. Take an analogy to help understand this. Raising a child properly doesn’t necessarily mean just feeding and caring for them. It’s the extra responsibilities that count.

For example, you could give your child all the love, but if you don’t give them a good education, you automatically cripple their ability to survive in cutthroat conditions. Is this the right way to increase or does the ideal feeling of increase relate to factors that matter? Factors like school education or, in this case, insurance?

Having insured your pet makes you more responsible. It gives you a sense of duty to the other being who may not be able to use words or vocabulary to express itself. Give your pet the love and care (the best dog and cat carers can often play an important role here). Getting them meals on time and ample exercise and stimulation through toys is great, but if you don’t address these aspects, you may not be doing it right.

Make your choice

Making decisions is possible; Making decisions is empowering. One of the main drawbacks of having health insurance is that you most likely will not be able to choose your medical options or those that would treat you.

With pet insurance, the problem is a little different. In most cases, you can choose what type of medical care you would like to offer your pet (if it is licensed). This is critical in two specific cases and should match your reason for purchasing pet insurance.

First, if you have a veterinarian that you know, you can always visit them. Not only is this beneficial for you as there is an established acquaintance, it is also vital for your pet. After all, pets are more open to those familiar with.

Second, if you travel a lot (who doesn’t?), Pet insurance comes in very handy. In cases where you are in a foreign country and there may be a monetary policy disagreement in the hospital, your insurer should take care of it. More importantly, when you travel, rely on your insurer to make sure you are not running out of money when you travel.

Is Pet Insurance Still a No?

The conclusion – yes or no?

As the rhetoric suggests, there shouldn’t be any questions about the importance of pet insurance. You can be as careful as you want, but there is no way around what fate has in store for you. While pet insurance cannot by itself eliminate risks, it definitely mitigates them. So yeah, pet insurance is definitely a yay.

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