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The wildflower season is just around the corner. If you skip road trips to wildflower fields this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, don’t fret. We have blooming news. You can create your own small makeshift wildflower field at home this season by having regional wildflower mixes delivered to your doorstep. Texas-based Wildseed Farms, the largest working wildflower farm in the United States, has a collection of wildflower mixes that can be purchased online.

Starting prices starting at $ 16.50 (costs vary by pound), Wildseed Farms has a wide variety of mixes to choose from, including a Western Wildflower mix (California poppies, baby blue eyes, Shasta daisies, and more). Butterfly / Hummingbird Mix (Indian blankets, yellow cosmos, purple sun hat and more); and Northeastern Wildflower Mix (perennial lupins, baby breath, golden yarrow, and more). ¼ pound ($ 16.40) orders cover 500 square feet of earth for most mixes, while 1 pound ($ 42.50) orders cover 2,000 square feet. (Square meters vary depending on the mix!)

Depending on the Wildseed Farm, the mixtures are formulated according to different variations in precipitation, temperature, altitude and soil type from region to region. A balance between annual and perennial varieties is portrayed in each mix for a wide, eclectic mix of vibrant colors and long presentation.

Other mixes include the cut flower mix (teddy bear sunflowers, bishop flowers, catch fly flowers and more) and the cracker mix (cute alyssums, African daisies, cosmos and more). Browse the full collection of regional Wildfire mixes on the Wildseed Farms website. Who says you can’t bring the wildflower fields to your home this season?

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