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Royal Family-Favorite Houseplants, Per SaveOnEnergy


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Excessive zoom calls have spared no one – not even the British royals – in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, the telecommunications era has given us ordinary people an unprecedented glimpse into the homes of public figures, leading to a glimpse into the personal design and plant preferences of the influential. The British royal family is no exception. SaveOnEnergy, a UK-based energy comparison website, recently analyzed the most popular houseplants in the homes of British kings.

To determine the results, SaveOnEnergy examined plants created in the background of posts and video calls from three royal instagrams: The Royal Family, Sussex Royal and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Using data from the official reports of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the team identified four houseplants.

Check out the royals-approved green below.

The palms in the salons are large, elegant, and relatively easy to grow and care for. With the ability to sprout 6 feet tall, salon palms thrive in medium to bright indirect light and require watering every one to two weeks.

Rubber plant (Ficus Elastica)

Spotted on the Sussex Royal account, rubber plants have thick leaves and the ability to absorb chemicals and CO2 from the air, making them an ideal plant for offsetting emissions. You need bright light – but not direct sunlight. Irrigation and fertilization vary depending on the season.

Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

Dragon trees, spotted in the background of a video call from the royal family’s account, have long stems with showy thin leaves with red tips. Dragon trees are a natural air purifier for the home and require bright indirect light and watering about once a week, but they also vary depending on the time of year.

Violin leaf fig (Ficus lyrata)

Fiddle leaf figs, a Meghan Markle favorite, have been featured in many video calls from Meghan and Harry’s Santa Barbara, California home. With the ability to grow 6 feet tall or higher, fig leaf figs require no more than bright, filtered sunlight and water weekly.

Who knew the royals also acted as influencers for indoor plants?

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