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Rescue Dog Couple Ties The Knot To Support Heartworm Survivors


Rescue dogs Sassy and Spero live with a loving family. Both are heartworm survivors, which means they had to go through long, expensive treatment to get where they are today. Fortunately, the two pups are happier now than ever. When Sassy was adopted with Heartworm, Spero was there to comfort her every step of the way. Some might say that the bond they share is an example of true love.

Now Sassy and Spero want to help other dogs suffering from heartworm disease. The dog couple decided to get married to cover treatment fees for other guard dogs.

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Rescue dogs against heartworms

Heartworm diseases are very common in guard dogs. Not only is it a dangerous lung disease, but it also creates a barrier between rescue dogs and adopters. Treating heartworms typically costs between $ 500 and $ 1,000, which is significantly more expensive than monthly preventive measures.

During Sassy and Spero’s wedding week, adoption fees were waived at Greenville County Animal Care to encourage adoption. However, the primary effect of these dogs was fundraising. The delightful dog wedding brings in money for the “Have a Heart” fund, which helps to cover the costs of heartworm treatments in the animal shelter.

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“Sassy and Spero fell head over heels in love and are tying the knot today. But life wasn’t always easy for this happy couple, ”wrote the shelter. “At one time they were both in an animal shelter suffering from heartworm disease. Now they want to help the 30% or more of HW positive dogs entering Animal Care by soliciting donations instead of gifts to the Animal Care Medical Fund. Heartworm can be a barrier to adoption and that makes Sassy and Spero sad. “

A dog wedding!

Sassy and Spero officially tied the knot on February 11, 2021! As you can imagine, their wedding was even more enchanting than expected. Event planning organizations in South Carolina, including wedding festivals and the Upstate Bridal Association, brought this celebration to life.

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Both Sassy and Spero were dressed for the occasion. They stood before their friends and family as they exchanged their vows and declared their love for one another. They were then offered a delicious animal-friendly cake that they initially hesitated to eat. But they sure seem like a happy couple!

This wedding was a great way to make people smile while also helping more dogs in need. Sassy and Spero may not notice, but they also prepare many rescue dogs for success. If this adorable couple can beat heartworm disease together, so can any other furry friend. Hopefully with the heartworm treatments more dogs will find a home forever soon!

You can see the adorable wedding here:

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