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Puppy Celebrates Every Day In Honor Of Brother He Never Met


At the end of 2019 the photographer Brendan Wiltse and his partner Shelly said goodbye to their beloved rescue dog Khyber. Khyber was diagnosed with cancer of only living a few days. But instead of wallowing in grief, the couple decided to look on the good side. They lived every remaining day to the fullest and documented Khyber’s “bonus days” on Facebook. Khyber got 87 bonus days with his family, and everyone was special.

Now a new rescue dog has entered the picture. Nico has a second chance in life and the family celebrates everyday joys with their new furry friend.

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The perfect puppy life

Nico and his eleven brothers and sisters were born under a trailer in South Carolina a few months after Khyber’s death. His mother was a stray and she was struggling to keep up with so many puppies. Fortunately, the rescuers rescued the garbage and hand-fed it when the mother couldn’t care for them. All 12 pups and the mother survived and found their eternal families.

A family quickly adopted Nico, but then had to withdraw from the adoption due to a tragedy. The puppy was then taken to Winnie’s Legacy Canine Rescue in Vermont in early 2020, where Wiltse soon saw him and fell in love. Nico was the last puppy in his litter to find a home forever, but it was worth the wait! He fell asleep on his new mother’s lap and quickly adored Khyber’s belongings.

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“Although Khyber has been gone for a few months, he welcomes Nico to our house. One of Khyber’s blankets was rubbed onto a blanket used by Nico’s brothers and sisters to make him feel at home with us. His favorite toy is one of Khyber’s Frisbees. He eats from Khyber’s bowls. And he was very excited when we got Khyber’s bed out. He’s his own dog but follows in the footsteps of an older brother he never met, ”wrote Wiltse.

So Wiltse decided that Nico deserved a trip as exciting as Khyber’s. From day one, Wiltse has documented every day of Nico on Facebook, including an adorable photo every time.

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Honor Khyber

Wiltse hopes to take Nico on as many adventures as Khyber. Every day Wiltse shares on Facebook what Nico did and of course the followers quickly fell in love with the puppy. Some days Nico only plays with toys around the house, but other days he explores new places and absorbs new smells. Like Khyber, Nico knows that every day is beautiful.

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After a DNA test, Wiltse later found out where some of Nico’s relatives were. He held out his hand to the woman who adopted two of Nico’s siblings, and she is friends with the person who adopted Nico’s mother. They hope that one day they can meet in person so that Nico can play with his canine family members again.

Nico has now enjoyed 274 days and is counting. And every day gets better because he has a loving family by his side. Not every day is a big adventure, but Khyber and Nico showed us that there is something to appreciate every day. Let’s all live our days as if they were “bonus days”. Every day is a gift, especially with a dog by your side.

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