President Macron Slapped in the Face During Tour of Southeastern France


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President Emanuel Macron was surprised when a local slapped him in the face while on tour in south-eastern France on Tuesday.

The man said “Down with Macronism” and then hit him hard.

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It was a wake up call.

Macron looked pretty sleek as he walked towards the crowd.
But that changed quickly after the slap.

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JUST IN – President #Macron slapped in the face during the #France tour.pic.twitter.com/Zcu0N4lk3C

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Here’s a different view.

Macron was slapped on a visit to France. The person who slapped “Down with the Macron administration (Macronie)!” says
Canal Istanbul SEDAT PEKER ŞOKU #France pic.twitter.com/2fQ5u0fOmY

– 🇹🇷 (@ alekooo1907) June 8, 2021



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