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Pets Plus Mag features Ideal and Eyenimal’s new Voice Controlled Dog Trainers


on July 17, 2019

Pets Plus Mag has released the exciting news about the latest innovation from Ideal Pet Product and Eyenimal: the Canicom Voice and the RGB Light Collar. This groundbreaking new system is designed to improve dog training while deepening the bond between dogs and their owners by using pre-recorded messages from the owner’s voice. The special RGB light collar is a safety feature that ensures the visibility of dogs after dark.

These new items are being distributed in the US, Canada and Mexico by Ideal Pet Products, the exclusive supplier of Eyenimal Num’Axes – a developer of high-tech pet products. The Canicom Voice and the RGB Light Collar will also be presented in the SuperZoo.

Canicom Voice was developed on the principle that if dogs constantly hear their owners’ voices and give commands, they take a closer look, learn the commands more effectively and forge a deeper bond with their owners. With the Canicom Voice, which consists of a remote control and a waterproof collar that can be worn around the dog’s neck, owners can record up to four short messages, e.g. B. “Come!” or “stay!” Using the remote control, the owner prompts the messages to play through the collar. This allows dogs to hear the commands clearly as if their owners were right next to them, even though the device can be operated at a distance of up to 219 meters. This ensures that owners can remotely train and communicate with their dogs without having to raise their voices. Most importantly, the device promotes a unique harmony and stronger relationship between owner and dog. The Canicom Voice is suitable for all types of dogs and comes with a two-year guarantee.

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Robert Dunfee