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Pet Product News Has Its Eye on Eyenimal’s SmartBloom Pet Fountain


Written by Ideal pet products
on April 15, 2019

Of course we do Eyenimal has excellent products – that’s why we eventually partnered with them – but it’s always nice to have a little validation from outside sources!

Product news for pets featured Eyenimal’s S.martBloom pet fountain on its website earlier this month, praising the fountain’s motion activation to encourage pets to have a drink whenever they pass. Some other great features?

  • Three operating modes: continuous, periodic activation and motion detection
  • Indicator lights warn you when the water supply is dwindling or the filter needs to be replaced
  • The triple-acting activated carbon filter removes impurities and ensures fresh water rich in oxygen
  • Two adjustable water flow settings: waterfall or bubbly top
  • Super quiet (less than 25 dB)
  • BPA free
  • 2 year guarantee

Although it is not currently available on our website, we look forward to bringing this product to life soon. Stay tuned – and stay hydrated too!

See the full article Here.



Robert Dunfee