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New Gardeners On the Easiest and Most Challenging Plants to Maintain


Achieving a green thumb takes practice and patience. For inexperienced gardeners, growing and caring for plants can sometimes feel daunting. However, if you start with plants that best suit your skills, these gardens can bloom. This is why gardening company Breck’s recently identified some of the easiest and most challenging plants and flowers to care for for beginners to help people (regardless of garden level!) Decide on their next garden project.

Breck surveyed 600 amateur gardeners in the United States and asked respondents to rate each flower or plant on a scale from one to ten, with one being the least difficult and 10 being the most difficult. With these answers, Breck’s then analyzed national and state trends to narrow the results. According to the findings Named novice gardener Orchids as the most difficult plant to keep, scored a 7.14 out of 10 difficulty. Orchids are a type of bulb plant and are relatively easy to grow. Grooming, however, can be a whole bunch as they need optimal lighting and are prone to overhydration. For tips on caring for orchids, see the Apartment Therapy Orchid Care Guide.

Alternatively, the respondents said hello Hosta plants as the easiest plant to grow and care for for the inexperienced gardenerand scored a 3.32 out of 10 levels of difficulty. Hostas require minimal effort compared to other plants, sprout from lush botanical leaves, and generally require less sunlight. Hosta plants were followed by daffodils (3.64 / 10), palm plants (3.66 / 10) and tulips (4.28 / 10), all of which were low-maintenance and with minimal effort. Other flowers that have been found easy to grow and care for include roses, lilies, and geraniums.

When it comes to garden maintenance, the location also plays a central role. After all, climate, humidity, and sunlight vary from state to state. With this in mind, Beck’s has determined which plants are easiest to care for in each condition. Roses were ranked the easiest in states like California, Georgia, and Tennessee, while daffodils were ranked the easiest in states like Texas, Montana, and Oregon. In all of the states, daffodils were named the simplest maintain and grow ranks in a total of 20 states. For a more thorough breakdown of the locations, see Breck’s blog.

“Fall bulbs like daffodils are the easiest to grow,” said Edwin Visser, Merchandising Director at Breck’s Holland, of the best plant selection. “They can be planted in many different types of soil and will still thrive as long as they have sun.”

Jessica Wang

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