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Multiple Dogs Rescued From Deadly Pileup In Fort Worth, Texas


Since many of us rely on cars for everyday transportation, it’s easy to forget that driving is always a potential risk. Cars are heavy machinery and accidents can happen to anyone. Fortunately, fire departments and emergency services are ready to do whatever they can to save lives in the event of a crash.

On the morning of February 11, 2021, it saw a big boom outside of Fort Worth, Texas. Nearly 100 vehicles were involved in the crash, resulting in wrecks nearly a mile long. Freezing rain made the lanes to the south of the motorway smooth and icy, making it extremely difficult for the vehicles involved to stop in time. Several large trucks were also involved in the tragic crash, which proved fatal to some and injured many others.

Screenshot, ABC8

Medics and firefighters went from vehicle to vehicle, finding more victims every few minutes. Some ended up in their cars and had to be freed.

Heroes save people and their pups from falling

While rescue workers’ job is to save people, they also help furry friends whenever possible. An incredible eyewitness video shows a firefighter pulling a black dog from a truck wedged between two other vehicles. The fire department also shared a photo of crews with a brown and white dog who looked unharmed.

@ FortWorthFire / Twitter

As stated in the log, the rescue workers took the dog to a nearby animal shelter. Fortunately, this dog was soon reunited with a family member. A local veterinarian examined him and found no injuries. This puppy and at least one other are fortunate enough to have gotten out of such a terrible accident and thank goodness for the emergency services who pledged to rescue them.

In a statement, Forth Worth Mayor Betsy Price expressed sadness and appreciation for those affected:

“Our community gives support, and I know so many of you are asking for a way to help. Right now, Fort Worth needs your prayers most – for the families, the injured, and the first responders. We will be releasing updates in the coming days with additional ways to support those in need during this difficult time. “

An additional problem for dogs involved in car accidents is the possibility of them running away. Scared and confused dogs that emerge from accidents have a programmed fear response: to run. If injured, that movement can do more harm than good. This is especially true in cases like this, where hypothermia was also a problem.

Since dogs don’t understand car accidents and don’t know how to survive one, it’s great that first responders are there to help too. This story is still developing and hopefully the survivors keep getting better.

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H / T: ABC8
Featured image: @ FortWorthFire / Twitter



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