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How to find the proper size when shopping Dog Clothes

How to Find the Right Size When Shopping for Dog Clothes

How to Find the Right Size When Shopping for Dog Clothes

Nowadays, owners love to dress their dogs in the hottest gear. Some pieces of equipment will help warm your body while other dog clothes will serve to make your lovely pet stand out from the rest of the crowd. With so many brands out there today, the question remains, how do we know that what we are buying is properly sized for my specific breed or type of dog?

Many brands each have their own size guidelines, also known as size specifications or measurements. We all try to reassure our customers in finding the right sizes. However, it’s also important to note that there are a variety of fabrics out there such as dog yoga clothes and t-shirts or hoodies made from stretchy fabrics or cotton-polyester fabrics blended with lycra and adding extra stretch offer and adapt to your body effortlessly. It’s also important to consider whether the garment you are about to buy has adjustable jaw straps or straps that provide stretch, such as a garment made with materials that are not designed to stretch, such as dog coats made from polar fleece materials and coming soon.

The first step before making a purchase is knowing your dog. While there are many breeds that determine their shape, there are also dogs of a wider girth, such as obese animals, which, although advertised, allow consumers to purchase such out-of-breed clothing, which is not necessarily true. However, measuring your dog is quite easy for dogs that are constantly growing and trying to hit a moving target at their growing pace as they may outgrow it sooner or slowly. The first step is to measure its length. This usually means that you take a tape measure or ruler and measure the length from the nape of your neck to the tail area. After measuring her length, measure the circumference around your body from the center of your spine area and around the thickest circumference around your stomach area. After that, it is also important to measure the circumference around the legs. Once you have these measurements, you can go to the store or shop online and read either the back of the box or the measurements listed online to find the right gear. But don’t look too quickly, there is more to it that should definitely go into effect before you reach the finish line.

If your dog is still growing, it is always advisable to think and think ahead. Do I really want to buy something up to the tail line? or should I try to buy something up a size? This is a very reasonable question that you might want to ponder. As a rule of thumb, you always want to keep about 2 fingers apart to make sure that the dog clothes you are trying to buy are not too tight and you may want to buy something that covers the tail a little but that you get extended use. Or you might tell yourself that my dog’s dimensions are a little unusual. You may then want to consider buying a dog jacket that has expandable options and pine cords, or you may want to buy something in one size. In many cases, it is very advisable to look for a fabric that is more stretchy or looser, and that will give your dog the space they need.

Finally, it’s extremely important that you look around for a retailer, especially when shopping online, that offers free returns (and pays for returns) in case they don’t fit properly. We offer this, and we understand that not every item of clothing is intended for every dog. While there are no “try before you buy” solutions, when a retailer gives you this option, it’s great when you have nothing to lose!

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  • June 18, 2020
  • Pet Life Admin



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