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Holiday Gifts For Your Pet That Don’t Cost a Dime


You don’t have to spend a lot to get your pet a gift they’ll love this holiday season – some of the most significant gifts don’t cost a dime! Do you need inspiration? Check out these five Christmas gifts that come with a zero dollar price tag.

Give them a place at the table

If the path to your pet’s heart is through their stomach, the ultimate gift you can give them is a “seat” at the holiday dining table. While they may not be able to physically sit at the table or have the same meal that you serve your two-legged guests, you can still make them feel involved. Put a small dining area next to the table and put together a special vacation menu for them. With your favorite Freshpet recipe as your main course, some pet-safe human foods as a side dish and starter, and a delicious Freshpet treat for dessert, you can create a custom three-course meal. Check out our recommended Thanksgiving menu for inspiration.

Watch a movie together

The vacation is all about spending time with those you love. One of the best gifts you can give is just that – a good time together. Plan a leisurely movie night with a blazing fire or lots of blankets, a selection of goodies, and a movie that you both will enjoy. You can choose a classic like Beethoven or Air Bud with real dogs or opt for a program specially created for dogs. There are tons of videos made just for dogs that are available for free on sites like Youtube.

Play some exciting games

Pets don’t need fancy store-bought toys to have a good time – in our experience, it’s the simple homemade toys that give them the greatest joy! Dogs love any toy they can use to make their noses work. So if snow is where you are, try hiding some goodies in it so they can sniff them out. If your dog prefers to play indoors, you can do a similar activity by hiding treats under some blankets or rags and figuring out how to get to them. For the cat family members, you can create a treat jigsaw puzzle from an empty cereal or cookie jar. Just cut some holes in the box, place your favorite treats in it, seal it, and watch them fish out with their little paws. If your cat has never used a food puzzle, make the holes quite large to begin with. As they get better at the goodies, you can make the holes smaller to increase the difficulty.

Go on an adventure

If only the leash drives your pet wild, then you can give them an outdoor adventure. Look for new trails or dog parks to explore instead of going your normal walking route. Your pup’s nose will go wild, absorbing all of the new smells he encounters, and he may even run into some new dogs to play with quickly! The great thing about this gift is that you can give it again and again because there are always new places to discover. If your dog is really enjoying it, you can make it a weekly treat and wander around any of your local dog parks or even out of town trails. Just follow these cold weather safety tips!

Spend an afternoon baking

Homemade dog treats are another great gift idea for two reasons. The first is that your pet gets some delicious treats made by their favorite person. The second is that you can spend some time with your pet while you are making them. You can find a number of pet-friendly treat recipes online. A fun way to get involved in the baking process is to tailor the recipe to suit the taste. As you choose, let the ingredients smell a few different ingredients before adding them. For example, if you need fresh fruit, offer them bananas, blueberries, and apples and see what ingredients they are drawn to. This leads to a final treatment that includes ingredients that they choose themselves.

Do you have any other suggestions for gifts to give to your pets this holiday season? We’d love to see them in the comments!


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