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Furbo Dog Camera Review – Is it Worth It


Whenever you leave the house, part of you feels uncomfortable. Your dog stays home alone. Dogs are social beings and often don’t respond well to being alone. However, with this Furbo Dog Camera rating, we can learn what our pets are up to at work and how the technology will help you as a pet owner.

This Furbo Dog Camera review shows how this compact device allows you to see and even treat your pooch from a distance. This camera, available on Chewy, was launched at a reduced price. It will continue to sell at a discounted price through Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. But should you get it?

Main Features of the Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is compact and robust. It is designed to withstand your dog’s curious paws. It can be the only real solution to help you see and treat your beloved pet. Here’s what it has to offer.

  • 1080p video streaming resolution

The camera runs with a maximum resolution of 1080p. All images can be stored in the cloud using an additional Furbo Dog Nanny subscription. But it can also be recorded in 720p so you can store more videos online.

The camera’s sensor is powerful. It has a night vision mode that allows you to see your dog even when you are walking around the house at night.

You need to install the Furbo app on your smartphone if you want to see live images of your dog. But you can also view pictures of your pet on your phone when Furbo detects movement in front of the camera.

Furbo is programmed to recognize animals and people. Whenever something moves in front of the camera, the pictures are sent to you on your phone. This can also be done in the form of notifications. You can get an instant text notification when something moves around the house.

Some see this feature in conjunction with night vision mode as an interesting addition for security reasons. With a dog and a night vision camera, you are sure to make your home feel safer.

  • 2-way audio with Alexa compatibility

The camera’s 2-way audio feature is also reassuring. Suppose you want to talk to your dog remotely. There is no other option that you can count on. For this reason, you can use the audio function of the camera to talk to your pet directly and calm down when you are not at home.

But you can also activate the audio transmission on the camera at your end. This way you can hear all of your dog’s noises and barks while you are at work, shopping, or just outside the house.

One of the fun features of the camera is the treat part. It stores several best dog food treats to share with your dog so that your best friend will feel a little more appreciated by the time you get home. This is a fun feature that sets the Furbo Dog Camera apart.

The function works without interruptions. In fact, it was tested on television by Conan O’Brien. The famous presenter even endorsed this camera as an excellent 2-way video and audio communication tool.

Receive notifications about Furbo Dog Nanny

Additional functions can also be activated on the Furbo camera. Dog Nanny is the monthly subscription ($ 0.99 for the first 3 months) that comes with the extras. For example, event-based reports can be generated for you. If your dog has barked for more than 1 minute, you will be informed. Maybe your home is in danger.

But the Dog Nanny also creates a 60-second video highlight of your dog’s day. It shows where the dog has moved in space. This video can also tell you if your dog has slept all day.

The personal alarm is another interesting feature of the Dog Nanny. The camera also recognizes people. You can use this feature for your safety as it will help you identify possible intruders in your home.

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Why You Should Get the Furbo Dog Camera

You might think you are just buying a generic security camera instead of Furbo. But you’d miss it. First, the camera is now at a great price. Second, it’s vet approved, which most other surveillance cameras don’t.

  • All your dog’s activities in one place

Unlike a normal camera, the Furbo Dog Camera is initially suitable for pets. This means that you have access to great features.

The dog diary function sends you a short video of your dog’s highlights of the day. This function is not displayed with Furbo camera alternatives.

Whenever your dog wakes up and you are not there, you will know. This camera will send you a notification when your dog becomes active, a feature not supported by other cameras.

When your dog is in front of Furbo, they will take a photo and send it to your phone. This is the simplest visual confirmation that your dog is fine and not chewing on furniture.

The same notification is sent when a person stands in front of Furbo. This camera doesn’t look like a regular security camera and can help improve the security of your home.

  • Bark, cry, howl

Your dog may be sick, in trouble, or just lonely. These problems can manifest themselves as barking, crying, or howling. The camera will inform you whenever these are longer than a minute. Your dog may be in trouble and you may need to go home to help. The camera is there to notify you when it does.

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last words

This Furbo Dog Camera review shows what an excellent device for those who also have multiple dogs. You can rewind the pictures you took to see if your dogs have been fighting all day while you were away. The uses for the camera are numerous. However, when you send your dog a treat from the app, the feeling of being home alone may not be that difficult for your pet to endure.

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Updated November 20, 2020

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