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“Exorcist Dog” Photobombs Family Pictures In Cutest Way


Kiko, the 9 month old Finnish Spitz, is part of a photogenic family of dogs. She lives with two other Finnish Spitz named Tofu and Mika, a white shepherd named Kaya and a black shepherd named Hades. All five love posing for pictures on Instagram, but Kiko’s poses are a little more interesting.

When Kiko’s back points to the camera during the shot, she turns her head 180 degrees upside down and looks like the obsessed girl from The Exorcist. But this isn’t a horror movie, and Kiko sure isn’t scary. In fact, her silly pose is one of the cutest things you will see all day!

Image: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

Kiko’s special talent

Do not worry; Kiko’s head trick doesn’t hurt her in any way. In fact, she chooses it. Her mother Ashleigh Macpherson said it started with Kiko sleeping with her head in weird positions. Then the puppy turned its head to look at other dogs.

Dog head tiltImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

Whenever Macpherson tries to take group photos of her dogs, Kiko always seems to be upside down. Instead of just turning her whole body around, Kiko finds it easier to turn her head like a messed up owl. After all, it’s so amusing!

Dog turn 180 headImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

“When people see her in public, their reactions are always the same. You look shocked at first and ask; “How does she do it?” And then you can see them smile and laugh afterward, “said Macpherson.

Exorcist Dog WinkImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

Kiko’s trick is a little unsettling at first, but it certainly didn’t come from a horror movie. It’s just that her neck is extra flexible. Maybe this bizarre pose is even comfortable for her.

Turning dog head side viewImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

Just stupid poses

Kiko seems to be the “one friend” who can never take a serious picture. She is the youngest in the family so she can’t help but add a little humor to every situation. Before she came along, tofu would always scream when Macpherson tried to take a picture.

Finnish shoutingImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

Stupid little Kiko was born not long after the coronavirus lockdown began in New Zealand. Macpherson said she was grateful for having Kiko’s stupid personality to help make 2020 a little faster. She also believes that Kiko could be so unique because she was born in such a crazy time.

Dog photo bomb picturesImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

“Your company really enjoyed the time I had in lockdown,” Macpherson said. “She is a pretty relaxed, cuddly, sweet and loving bitch. But she is also sassy, ​​playful and can have a lot to say. “

Cuddly exorcist dogImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

Macpherson also noted that the Finnish Spitz is a very vocal breed. Kiko and Tofu are especially talkative and want to make sure they always get enough attention. Fortunately, Kiko’s goofy poses are the perfect way to get people to notice. So it looks like she won’t stop anytime soon!

Exorcist dogImage: @ kayatheshepherd / Instagram

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