‘Dr. Jill’ and Dr. Fauci in Harlem Greeted with a Chorus of Boos and Chants “Fire Fauci!”


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Dr. Jill and Dr. Fauci were not welcomed so warmly on their visit to Harlem, New York today.

The crowd greeting ‘Dr. Jill ‘and Dr. Fauci in Harlem booed loudly today when their car arrived. Spectators shouted in their New York accents, “Fauci, you got your talking points from the CCP.”

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And then the audience joined a choir and shouted unanimously: “Fire Fauci. Fire Fauci. Fire Fauci. “

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Jill Biden arrive at the Harlem Vaccination Center in New York City today. Fauci faced protests.

Video by @ yyeeaahhhboiii2 (FNTV https://t.co/MKhP0Go9IL) #fauci #FauciEmails pic.twitter.com/IvN3KglSfm

– Scootercaster (@ScooterCasterNY) June 6, 2021

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Over the past week, Fauci posted thousands of emails showing the doctor’s lack of candor in most of his statements over the past year.

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It’s worse than we thought! Fauci and top US doctors caught! They conspired to disqualify hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment – MILLION DEADS AS A RESULT



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