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Dog Lost Before Hurricane Harvey Finds Her Way Home


It’s been three years since the Koster family lost their beloved dog, Maddie, and they kept refusing to have another dog. They didn’t want to feel like they were replacing Maddie, and they still had hope that she was out there. Maddie went missing just days before Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Rachel Koster did everything possible to look for the dog during this time, but it was not easy. Eventually she began to fear the worst, but tried to remain positive.

Then, over three years later, a miracle happened. Maddie is safe and sound now and feels more alive than ever.

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A tragic loss

Maddie the Schnauzer Mix disappeared three years ago when the Koster family moved into a new home. It happened to be three days before Hurricane Harvey so the timing wasn’t ideal. But of course the family immediately started looking for the missing dog.

“We had a friend here who helped me unpack and we believe she went out with my friend because we were looking for her after that time and we couldn’t find her,” said Koster.

The family searched for months with no luck. At this point, Koster felt defeated. She wanted to keep hoping, but as the days went on it got more difficult.

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But then Koster’s mother called her with life changing information. She said someone knew where Maddie was. At first, the family was cautious, fearing that it might be fraud. But then they found that their dog was certainly still alive.

Bring Maddie home

Gayle Tebon, a volunteer with Forgotten Pet Advocates, found Maddie in Sugar Land, Texas. The little dog was out on the busy streets so Tebon stopped and picked her up. She took Maddie to the vet where they found that the puppy was microchipped, but it did not contain the latest family information.

But Tebon didn’t stop there. She was determined to reunite Maddie with her family because she knew someone was probably worried about the cute dog. She posted Maddie’s photo on Facebook and reached out to Marilyn Litt with Lost Dogs of Texas.

Maddie returns homeImage: @ KPRC2ReChelle / Facebook

“We have agreements with all microchip companies that they disclose personal information to us that is normally kept private,” said Litt.

Sure enough, Lost Dogs of Texas got in touch with Koster. Koster was extremely grateful for these volunteers’ efforts to help Maddie get home. She could never thank them enough.

Maddie still has the same personality like no time has passed. Koster says they spend a lot of time playing with her to make up for lost time. Lost Dogs of Texas reminds dog parents that updating microchip information is the easiest way to help a lost dog find its way home.

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