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Diego’s Journey: How One Family Found Hope After Its Pup Lost a Leg


Written by Ideal pet products
on July 3, 2019

If you ask his mother, she will tell you that her French bulldog, Diego Javier, spent most of his life as a “real sports dog”. When he was accepted into his eternal home at the tender age of 10 weeks in 2011, he quickly established an unexpected authority over his pets: Bo, a 5-year-old lab, and Rocky, a 2-year-old boxer. Known to everyone as a cute, funny, loving boy, Diego benevolently ruled the quarters and visited Bo as his father. He’d spent hours snuggling up to Bo and taking responsibility for the well-being of his aging friend. When Diego wasn’t busy nurturing the father and son relationship with Bo or melting the hearts of his adoptive family, he was playing – hard. Wherever the ball flew, it followed fearlessly.

So his family didn’t think about it when Diego was running after a ball during a Father’s Day barbecue last year as he descended the stairs in the two-story backyard. Nobody expected what would follow: Diego, who had long celebrated the family athlete, fell down the steps and sustained an injury that made him cry in pain. After taking him to the veterinarian’s office, his family was devastated when the doctor confirmed their worst fears: Diego’s leg was broken. You’d have to amputate.

Despite the vet’s assurances that Diego would walk again and not even miss his fourth leg, a difficult adjustment period ensued for the whole family. Diego’s mother felt guilty, sad and worried that Diego would never be able to recover. But after a couple of months something wonderful happened: Diego ran. Fast. Play, fetch, smile and melt his family’s hearts again. Sure, there are some things Diego can’t do – but he’s adjusted and is as happy as always. “Amazingly, it knows its limits and respects them,” says its owner. “He will occasionally make me carry him off the couch, which he can come off perfectly … he just wants to know that his mother is still baby him when he asks.”

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