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Derrick Nnadi Inspires ZIWI Pet Food To Cover Kansas City Adoption Fees


Chief player Derrick Nnadi is known for his kind donations for animal welfare. In the lead up to the 2020 Super Bowl, he promised to pay an adoption fee for a hard-to-adopt dog for every game the Chiefs won. When they reached the 2020 Super Bowl, he set an even higher goal. If the Chiefs won this Super Bowl, he would pay the adoption fee for every dog ​​at the KC Pet Project. He followed suit and paid 100 pet adoption fees.

While the Chiefs didn’t succeed in this year’s Super Bowl, many dogs still did. Nnadi’s kindness and hard work inspired ZIWI Pet Food to help even more dogs in Kansas City.

Image: @ KCPetProject / Facebook

ZIWI follows Derrick Nnadi’s leadership

ZIWI, an award-winning New Zealand pet food, was inspired to save dogs after seeing Nnadi’s contributions in 2020. The adoptable pups were amazed that their favorite team hadn’t won the Super Bowl this year, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t all bad. ZIWI has partnered with Nnadi and the KC Pet Project to promote pet adoption at a Kansas City, Missouri, animal shelter.

The adoption fees of all 88 dogs in the shelter were waived thanks to ZIWI. The company gave the shelter a total of $ 12,000 to help these dogs find homes. Of course, Nnadi supports the company’s efforts more than anyone.

“ZIWI gets what it’s about and it thinks these dogs are home forever,” said Nnadi. “It means a lot to them to raise and cover their adoption fees for this year.”

Derrick Nnadi hugs rescue dogImage: @ KCPetProject / Facebook

Adopt a Kansas City Canine!

In addition to covering the adoption fees, the ZIWI also has a gift for adopters. Every family that adopts a dog from the animal shelter receives a free bag of treats from ZIWI. Hopefully all of these dogs will find a forever home in no time!

“KC Pet Project accepts more than 7,800 pets annually, so we rely on this amazing collaboration to find homes for the animals that come to our shelter,” said Tori Fugate, chief communications officer of the KC Pet Project. “We have seen a tremendous response to Derrick Nnadi’s generosity in finding a home for all of our dogs at the shelter after last year’s Super Bowl win, and we’re so excited that his foundation, along with ZIWI, helped dozens of dogs create one Home to find season. We are so grateful for your support! “

Happy rescue dogImage: @ KCPetProject / Facebook

KC Pet Project has two locations where many lovable dogs seek homes. If you’re interested in adopting one of these furry friends, you can check out the adoptable animals on the KC Pet Project website.

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