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Death Row Puppy Is Chosen To Play Superboy’s Sidekick On HBO Max


At five months old, a white and brown puppy named Pepsi was found abandoned in the snow. Unfortunately, the local animal shelter near Leavenworth, Kansas was overcrowded, meaning Pepsi was at risk of euthanasia. He was far too young for his life to end like this, but he didn’t know what else to do.

Then animal trainer Melissa Millett came to the rescue. She is famous for training dogs for acting roles, for both television and movies. She had the perfect opportunity for Pepsi and quickly saved him from death’s door. Now Pepsi is a Pampered and Loved Celebrity!

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From freezing to fame

Rescuers found Pepsi alone near a pile of snow-covered logs in Kansas. In addition, the trembling puppy was heartworm positive too. Pepsi was quickly put at risk from overcrowded shelters and it looked like it would be the end.

But then Millett discovered Pepsi and fell in love. She decided Pepsi was the perfect dog for the role of Krypto, Superboy’s dog, on the HBO Max series Titans. Millett said it was because Pepsi looked so much like the cartoon character. The shelter also shared a photo of him wearing a Kansas City Chiefs collar that Millet thought looked like a superhero collar.

“The dog has to look like the cartoon character, and Pepsi is the closest thing to the original cartoon character,” said Millett.

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Millett quickly picked him up and began training him to be the best possible superhero. Despite a tragic start in life, Pepsi was delighted to become an actor.

Pepsi steals the show

Since no one knows the extent of Pepsi’s past, it’s a little harder to train than most dogs. Some things scare him, like the dog-friendly paint he sometimes wears at work. Thanks to the positive reinforcement training, Millett gained his trust in a very short time. After all, his acting role is a great opportunity.

“It’s an extremely popular show and the character (Krypto) has all of Superboy’s powers. He can fly. He has human intelligence. He’s got laser eyes, it’s just really cool, ”said Millett.

Crypto superboy dogImage: Screenshot,

Now Pepsi is a TV star because a kind person believed in him. Not many rescue dogs get their chance in the spotlight, so this is a great accomplishment for dogs as a whole. Millett hopes Pepsi’s role will also encourage more viewers to adopt dogs in need. Don’t miss this inspirational pup’s debut appearances!

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