Candidate For Mayor Of New York City Wants To Defund Police But Has Private Security In Her Neighborhood


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Maya Wiley is an extreme leftist progressive Democrat running for New York City mayor. It was endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, if that gives you an idea of ​​where it stands politically.

Like many people on the extreme left, she is a hypocrite.

She wants to discharge the NYPD, but lives in an upscale neighborhood in Brooklyn that is protected by private security guards.

The New York Post reports:


Maya Wiley wants to discharge the NYPD while her home is protected by a private security patrol

Democratic mayoral candidate Maya Wiley wants to cut a billion dollars from the NYPD budget – at the same time, her home in her neighborhood in Brooklyn is protected by a private security patrol.

Wiley – who clashed with rival Eric Adams on Sunday over her plan to disappoint the police in an election – claimed in December that she thought private security was “ridiculous” and we shouldn’t have it.

But she said her life partner, Harlan Mandel, began paying annual dues to the Prospect Park South Charitable Trust without her knowledge in order to fund a security guard who drives around the area.

An outraged NYPD source described Wiley’s stance on the police budget as “silly” and accused her of “flattering voices.”

“Here they want to compensate the police – but to protect my family, we are hiring private security guards, who are likely to be manned by retired police officers or the military,” the source said.

Surprised someone? Someone?

Wait, Maya Wiley – a professional mayoral candidate for Defund the Police – hired private security to patrol her block? That seems like a bigger story. https://t.co/QwxSRBoMDJ

– Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) June 5, 2021

Maya Wiley, NYC’s mayoral candidate who plans to cut $ 1 billion a year from police officers, pays for private security on her block in upscale Prospect Park South. A neighbor shared her calls for more aggressive NYPD policing after her partner was mugged. https://t.co/tGhDq6Jq20

– Lee Fang (@lhfang) June 5, 2021

New Yorkers see how it is!

Extra security for those who can afford it – but it’s Defund The Police for the underserved communities that need us most. Public safety must be a top priority for the next mayor. This person is NOT Maya Wiley. https://t.co/sW6LnaRyMt

– Detectives’ Endowment Association (@NYCPDDEA) June 7, 2021

Police for me but not for you!

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