Buttigieg Caught Faking His Bike Commute, Drives Most Of The Way Before Unloading Bike From SUV


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It is common knowledge that politicians in the Biden administration are twofold and hypocritical. We have seen it countless times. But the latest stunt was videotaped and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg was caught pretending to ride his bike to work. As a left progressive transportation secretary, it apparently mattered that he seemed interested in environmentally friendly transportation, so he thought cycling to work would look really good for him. Look at him and save the environment and that stuff. He was seen cycling through the capital several times and received exactly the progressive liberal creep he sought through his actions.

However, a video showed that Buttigieg and his bike were driven in two armored SUVs to a location near his meeting, where his security then unloaded the bike from one of the SUVs. Then Buttigieg put on his helmet and pretended to be cycling to work.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg apparently rode his bike into the White House for today’s cabinet meeting. pic.twitter.com/XfYRB3COqm

– DJ Judd (@DJJudd) April 1, 2021

Virtue sign in its funniest form. Oscar-worthy political theater.

He hoped people would only notice the part he showed up on a bike, and then he could boast of his environmentally conscious commuting.

But what makes this even funnier is that while Buttigieg pretended to drive part of the way to work as a righteous, eco-friendly publicity stunt, the two gas-guzzling armored SUVs still followed him the entire way.

He was literally no more environmentally conscious than if he and his bike had just ridden all the way in the armored SUVs.

But it was great for the looks, and that’s all that is really important to the Biden administration.

And it’s exactly the kind of double and insincere political theater that we expect from Biden politicians.

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