BRUTAL! Vernon Jones DESTROYS Leftist AZ Reporter On Ridiculous Question: “NEXT QUESTION” (VIDEO)


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Wednesday afternoon, former Georgia State representative Vernon Jones and former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik received a walkthrough through the legendary Arizona audit process.

Then they absolutely DESTROYED a far left reporter from Arizona during a press conference outside the exam center.

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Rep. Jones is running for Georgia governor to replace crooked governor Brian Kemp, stop stupid Stacey Abrams, and put Georgia first.

He was a staunch supporter of the GA audit.

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Bernard Kerik was commissioner of the New York Police Department after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and supported America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the hearing on the election in Arizona last November.

After examining the process of the audit, the two held a press conference. Arizona far-left reporter Jen Fifield was crying when she was being roasted for asking a biased and stupid question.

Jones: Then why did you ask me who is funding this?

Fifield: I asked my question.

Jones: So let me say whoever is funding it, is it taxpayers dollars? Did you research?

Fifield: There’s $ 150,000 in tax dollars.

Jones: Taxpayer. So private money is private money. You can do whatever you want. Did you break the law?

Fifield: not me

Jones: Ma’am, I’m just asking that you have private investors investing here, did they break the law?

Fifield: * looks at Christina Bobb *

Jones: No, don’t look at them, look here carefully. Did you break the law? All I ask ma’am I want to be very respectful, here is my question, if you mention who is funding this exam when it comes to private dollars, is it that illegal?

Fifield: When private money pays for a public exam, I don’t know whether it’s against the law or not.

Jones: Is private money paid for public financial control? Next question.

This process is so efficient and effective that others from nearly 10 states are now looking to clone it in their home state.

Other observers of this audit refute the ridiculous narrative that this process is anything but a secure, transparent, and constitutional process. Vernon Jones asked some good questions to those suspicious of the process.

Why don’t Dominion or Democrats watch the process by sight? What are you afraid of?

WATCH Fifield GET FLAMED by Bernard Kerik and Vernon Jones in the video below:

Here is the full video from today’s press conference with Vernon Jones …



Robert Dunfee