Biden Declares Second Amendment Not ‘Absolute’


In a press conference on Thursday, President Biden unveiled the proposed gun control enforcement ordinances. “Nothing I am going to recommend will in any way affect the second amendment,” said Biden. Addressing potential opposition, Biden added, “These are arguments over the phone that suggest that these are the rights of the second amendment in what we are talking about.”

In an immediate contradiction, Biden then declared that “no amendment to the constitution is absolute”. How can one not act on something that is not absolute? Biden tried to set an example by saying, “In a crowded movie theater, you can’t shout a fire and call it free speech.”

As his example relates to the second amendment, he said: “From the beginning of the second amendment, certain people were not allowed to have weapons.” Biden’s government announced six gun control initiatives.

Initiatives include background checks for “ghost rifles”. “The Justice Department will propose a rule to curb the proliferation of ‘ghost weapons’ or weapons assembled at home by kits or a 3D printer, including issuing annual reports on the arms trade,” said National Review.

Biden will also appoint director of the alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives bureau, David Chipman. Chipman is a former SWAT agent and gun control attorney who served as an advisor to the gun control organization of former Congressman Gabrielle Gifford.



Robert Dunfee