Barack Obama Openly Claims The Republican Party Is ‘Rigging the Game’: Trump Questions Election Gets Locked Down With Ban


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OPINION | This article contains political comments that reflect the author’s opinion.

According to The Western Journal, Obama suggested that the Republican Party “rig the game” while Trump questions the system and is muted.

Obama said, “This is the kind of dangerous behavior that we need to push back.”

“And one of the major American political parties not only did not condemn some of this behavior, it adopted a blatantly false election theft narrative that is still going on, and now that same major political party is ready to legislate – you know – Actions across the country where they say, “We’re going to let partisan lawmakers decide whether or not to confirm an election,” uh, and take voter suppression measures that target, for example, cities in those states directly, so there are others Rules for counting votes in Atlanta than for the rest of Georgia … “

“I think the corporate community has a responsibility to at least make people aware of this. Because that goes beyond politics. … Do the basic rules by which we have all agreed to keep this diverse, multiracial democracy working, will we follow these rules, or will we start manipulating the game to break it? ”Said Obama.

“And that won’t be good for business, let alone our soul.”

From the Western Journal:

The relevant quotes from Obama’s performance are in the interview below. (Try to ignore Obama’s usual self-exaltation.)

Memo to Obama: What was “not good for our souls” was watching the chaos that followed last November after the Democrats changed the rules ahead of the presidential election. An unprecedented number of absentee votes overwhelmed the system, creating serious chain of custody problems in all swing states and creating a gaping opportunity for both voter and electoral fraud.

As for the Republicans’ failure to condemn the “conduct” on January 6, my recollection is slightly different. To an almost disgusting extent, every politician and expert of the Republication preceded virtually every comment that was made about the incursion into the Capitol with stern condemnation. It was like they had to release a disclaimer before a discussion could begin.

The former president steps on the gas when he says that laws requiring voters to show ID are “manipulating the game”.

During an interview last week with The Cats Roundtable on New York’s WABC 770 AM radio, Breitbart News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “The only reason you don’t want people to have photo ID is because that people cheat. That is the only reasonable answer to why certain people are not required to have a photo ID. “

In a Friday interview with Steve Bannon of The War Room, Paxton said that Biden Texas would have won in November if his office hadn’t prevented several Texas counties from sending postal ballots to all registered voters as they planned.

“… [C]for my state quite critical and that is why we have fended off these 12 lawsuits. We had them in Houston, we had them in San Antonio, we had them in Austin, we had them in the districts that had the most liberal judges, ”Paxton told Bannon.

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“And it was a concerted effort at the national level that put a lot of money into just knowing that we had twelve lawsuits that we had to win, and if we lost any of them, like if we lost Harris County.” [home to Houston]. Trump won in Texas with 620,000 votes. The Harris County postal ballot they wanted to send out was 2.5 million, all of which were illegal and we could stop everyone from doing so.

“If we hadn’t,” Paxton explained, “it would have been in the same situation – we would have been on election day, I watched on election night and I knew when I saw what was happening in these others that it was Texas would have been. We would have been in the same boat. We would have been one of those battlefield states where Harris County votes were counted for three days and Donald Trump lost the election. ”



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