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Artist And Australian Shepherd Team Up To Recreate Famous Paintings


We all went a little bit crazy during the COVID-19 quarantine. Being cooped up with nowhere at home made everyone get a little creative. And those who already had creative minds found even more unique ways to entertain themselves. For the artist Eliza Reinhardt and her Australian shepherd dog Finn, their quarantine hobby soon became part of their daily routine!

Reinhardt and Finn remake famous paintings with the items they have at home. It started in response to a social media trend, but they quickly found joy in this unique art style. Now they are known for their goofy recoveries.

Image: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

A viral challenge

When the quarantine began, the Getty Museum Challenge was trendy. It encouraged art lovers around the world to recreate famous pieces using just the items around their homes. Reinhardt decided it could be a great way to fight her boredom for the day.

Recreated portrait of man with dogImage: Eliza Reinhardt Facebook

The first piece that Reinhardt and Finn recreated was Lady with a Dog by Mather Brown. She took it very literally as it was just a picture of a woman posing with her dog. Finding the necessary topics and supplies was not a challenge. She later admitted that she was taking it far too seriously, without realizing that she could make her interpretation funnier.

Lady with dog recreationImage: Eliza Reinhardt Facebook

“Woman with a dog is so easy. I remember going to the MET online collection and looking for “dog painting” because Finn is a dog, he can only be a dog in his free time. It wasn’t long before I started questioning it … why can’t Finn be a person? A bird? A vase? He can be anything! I think when I got out of the mindset that Finn had to be a dog, things really started, ”said Reinhardt.

Hummer phone rebuiltImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

From there, Reinhardt decided to continue to create masterpieces. But every time she tried to add a little more originality to her photos.

Gian Lodovico Madruzzo recreatedImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

Modern art

It wasn’t long before Reinhardt created a new picture every day. It was a long term activity and not just a quarantine hobby to pass the time. She gets up excitedly every morning to create something. In fact, she said Finn loved it as much as she did.

Frida Kahlo recoveryImage: Eliza Reinhardt Facebook

“Finn is a superstar! He is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd and a Velcro dog. I thought when we started this project he would love to help and do something to me, but I never expected him to take it as seriously as he did. He is a working breed so he took 110% of these daily photos as his job. He will work so hard and try to do absolutely everything I ask, ”said Reinhardt.

The recovery of Shepherd DavidImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

Reinhardt said that Finn’s costumes also make him feel comfortable because he’s a scared dog. He is looking forward to an outfit and is looking forward to being there. Of course, he also gets lots of goodies along the way.

Starry night recreatedImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

The duo have now created hundreds of images, including Starry Night by Van Gogh, Guernica by Picasso, and Mural by Pollock. The internet fell in love with their silly project.

Mural recreatedImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

Find joy in life

As you can imagine, these pieces are a lot of work! Reinhardt says she spends about four to six hours on each picture. On days with a more complex design, this can take up to 10 hours. She tries as much as possible to do with herself and Finn, but sometimes her partner helps her capture the final picture.

Lady and unicorn recreationImage: Eliza Reinhardt Facebook

It may sound like a long and drawn-out process, but Reinhardt found it very enjoyable. She wakes up and looks forward to what she will create.

Portrait of Swaddled Twins recreatedImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

But Reinhardt wasn’t always the creative type. She did not take art classes until she was 18 and suffered a brain injury that resulted in severe memory loss. She started drawing because she couldn’t remember the other subjects she had studied. From there she was introduced to the incredible world of art. This project has further strengthened her creative spirit. She encourages everyone to be open when it comes to creating new things.

Pierrot and the cat have recreated themselvesImage: @ eliza_reinhardt / Instagram

“I was in such a crisis at the beginning [of social distancing] because it was so unmotivating to sit in the studio. But I think it’s great to get out of this box and try something that I’ve never done and something that isn’t serious, that is funny and doesn’t have to be hung on a gallery wall, ”said Reinhardt. “Just do something that makes you giggle. As long as you enjoy it, everyone else will enjoy it. “

Jacqueline sat with Kabul recreationImage: Eliza Reinhardt Facebook

What started out as a fun experience has now become an important part of Reinhardt’s life. And that would not be possible without her loyal dog by her side. She’s not sure how long she will keep this project going, but it doesn’t look like these two will stop anytime soon.

The scream recoveryImage: @ elizareinhardt / Instagram

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