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Abused Senior Finally Finds Her Forever Home After 10 Years In A Shelter


In 2011, a man named Ernie Moss had a terrible scene. While walking his dogs, he came across an object that was trembling in a ditch. As he got closer, he found that it was a pit bull in critical condition. She seemed to have been hit. Her mouth was taped and her legs were tied together. Moss was struggling to free the puppy when he told his wife to call for help.

The Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) rushed to rescue the dog. When they arrived, Moss had barely broken the shackles, but the dog was almost frozen to the ground. If they hadn’t acted quickly, she would have suffered a painful death.

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Pitbull defies opportunities

CAHS named the pit bull Tatiana, also known as “Tater Tot” or “Taters”. Tatiana stayed in this shelter for about a year and a half, slowly recovering from her many injuries. Their conditions were more severe than anyone would have thought.

“It was clear from the start that their only concern was not being held back and left in the cold for dead,” CAHS said. “With just a quick glance, it became clear that she was suffering from severe head injuries. She was immediately taken to a local veterinary office for care and diagnostic tests. “

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After receiving her first medical treatment, Tatiana was sent to Mackenzie’s animal shelter, which she welcomed with love and support. She was still overly nervous about dogs and people, especially men. It would be a long time before someone regained her trust.

While Tatiana’s culprit was found, the shelter staff agreed that he was not properly punished. He made no objection to his animal abuse allegations. He had to pay fines of $ 10,000 and was jailed for 43 days instead of 93 days. For what he did to this cute dog, he should have had much tougher consequences.

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Tatiana’s golden years

Finding a home for Tatiana was incredibly difficult because of her fear. But over time, the shelter’s staff gained their trust. She quickly became a favorite at the shelter.

It was only in Tatiana’s final years that she was considered adoptable and less afraid of the world. But older pit bulls who have to be the only dog ​​are not in great demand. Over the years, Tatiana continued her life at the shelter, but it was not enough. So a volunteer named Michelle came in to help. She started by caring for Tatiana on the weekends but then chose to be her permanent full-time nursing home.

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“Mackenzie’s established volunteers are able to provide ongoing support to the hard-to-place dogs of the rescue. After everything Tatiana has been through, she can now spend her golden years in a loving home, ”wrote Mackenzie’s shelter.

After spending 10 years at the shelter, Tatiana finally has a loving home to spend her final years in. And it looks like she already felt at home. Thanks to her kind saviors, she can experience love and joy after a heartbreaking past.

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