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9 Best Dehumidifiers for Every Budget 2021


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Air conditioners and humidifiers are common in most homes, but dehumidifiers are actually just as useful. Similar to how an air conditioning system cools, a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air. The magic happens inside the device, where moist air flows through cooling coils, excess water drips into a tank and then exits again as less moist air. The advantages? Reducing airborne dust and allergens and combating mold and mildew in your home. (You know your house can get a “clogged” feeling? Yes, a dehumidifier will help.) It can also make your home more comfortable, which is especially useful in summer when many areas are prone to heat waves and moisture. So which dehumidifier is best for you? Below we’ve rounded up nine of the best dehumidifiers, each with a different price point to suit your budget.

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