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8 Best Beds for Small Spaces 2021- Platform, Storage & More


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Every small resident knows the struggle of moving to a new place and wondering whether the bed will fit or not. Sure the apartment says it’s big enough for a queen, but is it really? If you want to sleep on something bigger than a twin, there are some easy ways to make room for it. Opt for something with a low profile and sleek lines to minimize visual clutter, or go all-in on a storage bed. And if you’re looking for a really space-saving solution, don’t forget the day beds and Murphy beds – they can be life changing purchases in the right setup. With so many bed options, where to start? If you’re struggling to find something that fits your bill, fear not: we’ve found eight beds that will work in a small space no matter what you’re looking for. Oh, and they’re pretty wallet friendly too.

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