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20 Naughty Dogs You Just Can’t Stay Mad At


Whether they’re tearing up our belongings or stealing things from neighbors’ yards, our dogs love to misbehave. Even so, we can’t be mad at them for looking at their adorable guilty faces. As I am sure many of you can relate to it, here is a collection of photos of naughty dogs and their extremely forgivable mugs.

As it turns out, most “naughty” dog behavior is just too funny and cute to punish. That certainly applies to these 20 dogs:

1. This dog who learned that bees are not food

@ lildumbo / Reddit

This is what needs to happen when you chew first and then ask questions later. Sometimes you just have to learn through experience!

2. An Oblivious Dog Meeting Wet Cement

naughty dog ​​on wet cement@ CodyShane13 / Reddit

How would the puppy tell the difference between wet mud and wet cement? These are the moments that leashes are made for.

3. That cutie who hopes you didn’t mean to keep the box

Bad dog chew box@ lavalampdreams / Imgur

You want to be angry, but when you look at that clueless grin, you just can’t be. Apparently a box instead of a toy works just fine.

4. That “helpful” buddy who opened the door for you

funny dog ​​destroys door@ slg9311 / Reddit

Someone has to learn what a handle is and how it works. He probably just wanted some fresh air!

5. That well-meaning dog who thinks he’s a hat

funny dog ​​sitting on the head@ 7uvH / Reddit

Naughty or just thoughtful? Can’t stay angry either way.

6. Who could stay mad at this budding Kool Aid man?

naughty dog ​​shame@ TryHardDolphin / Reddit

The screen door was no match for this naughty boy. He may have misbehaved or prepared for a commercial audition.

7. This playful boy who destroyed a beloved children’s toy

naughty dog ​​destroys toys@ rainydaytoast86 / Reddit

Now you can’t fault a cute girl like this if you don’t know what toys are to chew on. It is best not to offer the sentimental items.

8. This puppy doesn’t know what’s out of bounds

Bad dog funny@ readycent / Reddit

Someone was a little naughty after his mark of shame. Obviously we’re ready to laugh about it now that he’s fine.

9. A very naughty sous chef

funny-bad-dog@ _MidnightDrive_ / Reddit

This dog had some thoughts about how his person makes a cake. These thoughts were: I’ll have some.

10. A petty little thief who stole the neighbor’s cat toy

naughty dog ​​thief@ eaglewatch1945 / Reddit

The caption shows this tiny criminal who stole from his feline neighbor. Cats can’t have all the wand fun, can they?

11. His owner left him alone “for 2 minutes”

bad behavior-dog-dirty-funny@ kinky_unicorn / Reddit

How is so much dirt even possible? This dog probably wanted to set a record.

12. Someone thinks butter is a food group

Bad dog ate butter@ Maymyenemieslivelong / Imgur

Sometimes bad dog behavior is really just ignorance. How can something that tastes so good be bad?

13. This dog wants to make sure that his person never leaves

Bad Dog Ate Pass@ chuckzed / Reddit

You can’t be mad at a dog who loves you so much! He doesn’t want you to go anywhere that you need a passport.

14. Dog fighting capitalism

cheeky-dog-funny@ dailybarker / Instagram

Money means absolutely nothing to this dog other than such a fun chewing activity. Can we accuse him of being so critical of materialism?

15. A dog that got curious about the houseplant

bad behavior-dog-destroys-plant@ bestwoof / Instagram

We will never know where the pot ended up. The guilty dog ​​just looks too cute to yell at him.

16. Two grateful, completely innocent doggos

angry dogs-funny@ dog_train_tips / Instagram

These two completely innocent dogs want to solve the puzzle as much as you do.

17. An explorer who dares to throw himself in the trash

funny-naughty-dog@ travelingwillienelson / Instagram

If hunting through a treasure box is “naughty”, this dog will not want to be good.

18. This naughty boy was already taking what he needed out of the trash

Bad dog eats trash@ lostpawslouka / Instagram

The rest is yours if you want some of it. You just have to pick it all up.

19. That dog who doesn’t understand supply and demand

Dog shame toilet paper@ Dogshaming / Twitter

Coronavirus what? He just wanted a chew toy.

20. That naughty puppy who has no electricity

funny-bad-dog-signs@ Dogshaming / Twitter

Oops, that pup had no idea that there were wires underneath that perfectly good chew rope!

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With cute faces like these, it’s no wonder it’s nearly impossible to stay angry with badly behaved dogs. To be fair, our reinforcement in the form of laughter is likely what encourages them to continue to misbehave.

If you have funny photos of your naughty puppy, let us know! We can never share too many of these images.

Featured image: Reddit


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