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16 Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart One Fire At A Time


We love dogs. We love firefighters. Most of all, we love fire dogs … or dogs that just want to pretend they’re fire fighters. If you’ve been waiting eagerly for your new fire brigade calendar, we have exactly what the doctor ordered. These 16 hometown hero dogs will make your heart beat faster!

1. Only an experienced professional knows the importance of good mask sealing and a stoic demeanor.

And never eat more than your mask can hold.

@ ember_crisis_response / Instagram

2. A little spotted probie trying to get through his first shift.

Your crew is finally done!

@ mordenfirerescue / Instagram

3. There is nothing to see here. Just a battalion chief assessing his crew’s cleaning skills.

Nice to meet you!

@ shiba.musashi / Instagram

4. A sergeant who has a false positive past their breakpoint.

Because toe pain has to be treated at 3:00 a.m. for two weeks.

@ wrighty_0 / Instagram

5. This girl is a real cancer survivor just trying to give back to her community.

Superhero status unlocked.

@ calithefiredog / Instagram

6. You already know this guy starts every shift with a father joke and a cup of coffee.

What did the Spanish-speaking firefighter name his first son? Hose A.

@ _therealbradleycooper / Instagram

7. Nothing slips past the inspection when this guy is on the crew.

And you’d better not call him Sparky!

@ paws2go_pet / Instagram

8. Everyone is important in the fire place, no matter how much of a small male complex they have.

Do not be rude. If the boot fits, wear it.

@ goodboy.toad / Instagram

9. This eye is probably the cutest uniform of all!

Bars and bugles are sexy, but you can’t beat this eye patch.

@ bigdogrescueproject / Instagram

10. If she’s not the next Miss July on the fire brigade calendar, I’ll call the police!


@ monster_doggies / Instagram

11. He’s been looking for turn signal fluid for the past hour.

Being the new guy is awesome.

@ leo.the.cavapoochon / Instagram

12. I just tested the hydrant flow … if you know what I mean.

You wild animal.

@ Murfsurf / Instagram

13. Rule # 1: No walking on the fire scene. Rule 2: Always wear cute accessories.

Safety over Ascots.

@ mayathefriedchicken / Instagram

14. Because dogs can’t have beer.

But to be fair, they can get away with a lot more than humans, so it balances out.

@ talesofgoose / Instagram

15. There is always someone who takes photos on the truck for his OkCupid account. We see you.

… And we have definitely found your account.

@ / Instagram

16. “This picture is NOT for Instagram!” #Bshift #Brotherhood #workflow #firstin #firedog #nofilter #blessed

There are always one on each crew.

@ forsythcountyga / Instagram

Thank you to our firefighters and first responders who keep us safe and to the dogs who complete our lives!

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Robert Dunfee