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12 IKEA KALLAX Shelf Hacks And DIYS


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The IKEA KALLAX is an impressive piece in itself – you can use it as a classic bookcase, as a room divider or as a stylish way to display collections. But you don’t have to be content with – um – off the shelf. With a few clever hacks, the KALLAX can really be taken to the next level. Below are 12 of our favorite projects that make this versatile piece an eye catcher. Before you know it, you’ll also be hacking EKETs, RASTs, LACKs, and FROSTAs.

1. Change it completely

Married couple Starr and David added doors to their KALLAX cube shelves to renew a glamorous storage system. They added semicircular moldings to the plywood doors for texture and then painted everything a dark gray green and added gold handles.

2. Create a custom show stopper

You would never believe that this stacked bookcase is actually KALLAX shelves screwed together. Each opening offers space for a new decorative accent.

3. Embrace the Scandinavian style

4. Make simple upgrades

Legs from Home Depot and hardware from Anthropologie were simply added to this KALLAX unit which is used as a living room console.

5. Style a home bar with a mid-century look

Blogger Jazzmine has turned an ordinary KALLAX into an extraordinary house bar. The mid-century style doors have a secret: they’re not real wood! Instead, Jazzmine used wood-patterned contact paper over the KALLAX’s white doors, as well as brass ring handles to complete the look. The setup offers plenty of storage space for bar accessories, cute accessories and more.

6. Build a rustic closet

The simple shape of the KALLAX can be easily adapted to different styles. Blogger Shannon Acheson took a smaller style of the KALLAX and turned it into a rustic looking closet by making the country style doors with worn individual boards. Now it looks more like a flea market than the aisles of a Swedish wholesaler.

7. Build a memory-rich kitchen island

With a KALLAX, blogger Jen Lou Meredith has created a kitchen island that doesn’t break the bank. The hack is a great way to revitalize your cooking space without completing a large Reno, and you won’t be sacrificing any storage space that the original piece offers. Key elements: a wooden top, a towel rail and practical castors.

8. Give simple shelves a vintage look from a library catalog

Library catalogs are so stylish, but can often be quite expensive, which is why we were delighted to discover Blogger Terra’s KALLAX hack. This revamped piece goes with the KALLAX units with two drawers and filing cabinet handles for a cool vintage feel. All of these drawers look great and also offer plenty of practical storage space in the home office.

9. Glam up plain doors with overlays

You don’t have to change the color of your KALLAX to give it an impactful makeover. Get inspiration from blogger Ceres and transform your KALLAX into a totally chic sideboard that features Greek key-inspired overlays. Lean a luxurious mirror over it and the setup looks totally high quality.

10. Make a mini closet for storing clothes

Yes, you can use the original KALLAX for folded clothing, but Becky and Kelsey at The Sorry Girls show that adding a clothes rail inside also provides hanging storage. Wooden legs and doors add warmth to the white piece.

11. Keep it simple by simply adding legs

Adding legs to your KALLAX shelf is a simple but absolutely stylish way to upgrade the piece and make sure it compliments the other items in your home. Mid-century modern legs look beautiful in blogger Delia’s room.

12. Create a functional flat filing cabinet

Flat filing cabinets are a smart way to store documents and other small items, and blogger Bettina created one with a KALLAX four-cube unit. Wooden drawer fronts in dark color provide the right contrast.

Additional reporting by Carolin Lehmann


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