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10 Best Chesterfield Sofas 2021


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There is something luxurious and old-fashioned about a Chesterfield sofa. For those unsure of what a Chesterfield is all about, these sofas are the ones who tend to turn to the dramatic. With features like an exquisite tuft of buttons, classic rolled arms (which are usually the same height as the back of the sofa), and quality upholstery (think leather or velvet), these sofas are the definition of luxury. While some might say they’re a little over the top, there is so much to love too, which is probably why the Chesterfield has remained a furniture classic decade after decade. Even if the high quality pieces look like they’re not on your budget, fret – there are tons of affordable (and modern!) Chesterfields to choose from. We have summarized 10 options of this popular sofa silhouette for every budget and every living space.

Note: Many of these pieces come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colors. Explore them until you find the Chesterfield of your dreams.

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